Another fun and inspiring Talent Meeting held this year in Brussels

Held on 30-31 March, MGI Europe and MGI UK & Ireland regions welcomed 103 delegates at the 2023 MGI Talent Meeting in Brussels, Belgium.


The meeting was supported by 42 member firms who sent more than 100 delegates, representing over 20 countries - an impressive ten firms sent four or more people to the conference. A special mention must go to France’s FCN who did an exceptional job by sending 12 delegates to the meeting! It was particularly exciting that for a significant number of participants, this was their first time attending an MGI Worldwide event, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


The event's primary goal was to assist people in building international connections and strengthening MGI Worldwide awareness. Attendees had a good time learning from others and enjoyed the team building Chain Reaction workshop.

There were two keynotes speakers. The 24-year-old generation researcher Jahkini Bisselink delivered an inspiring presentation and dialogue about generational differences and Jeremy Hyman shared knowledge of AI and an understanding of the difference between IT in the working place and at home.

Watch a snapshot video of the event:


What our 'Talent' had to say

Linus Sande is a revisor at MGI Worldwide accounting network member firm Revideco AB


"The [Talent Meeting] was a real treat! MGI Worldwide hosted the annual talent meeting which I had the honor of attending as one representative from Revideco. Many interesting conversations took place and I had the pleasure of meeting so many new people from across Europe, UK & Ireland regions." 

Linus Sande – Revideco AB

Nicola Corke.png


"Thank you to the MGI Worldwide team for a wonderful conference. A great opportunity to meet lots of new people, build relationships and listen to some inspiring speakers."

Nicola Corke – F. W. Smith Riches & Co.

Profile picture of Teodora Velkova, partner at MGI Worldwide accounting network member firm MGI Delta LLC


"It was inspiring and lots of fun to connect with so many young talented people #makinganimpact #makingworkfun #brussels"

Teodora Velkova – MGI Delta LLC

"FCN was the most represented firm at the 7th Talent Meeting organised by MGI Worldwide in Brussels, with a dozen FCN participants. A wonderful day spent sharing ideas and learning to promote the development of our international missions. Great experience!"

Guillaume Deprez – FCN

The 7th edition of the Talent Meeting, hosted by MGI Europe and MGI UK & Ireland regions, was held on 30-31 March, in Brussels

MGI Worldwide’s Chairman Roger Isaacs was in attendance as well as members of the central team, including Chris Borneman, CEO, and Maxine Brock, CMO, who introduced MGI Worldwide to the participants.

MGI Europe and UK & Ireland regions look forward to delivering another Talent Meeting in 2024 but in the meantime, a big thank you to Zoltan Paksy and Paul Winder for yet another excellent Talent Meeting. We leave the last words to Paul:

Paul Winder bw edited.png


"Whilst this was my last Talent Meeting I think it was the best ever!
With 20 countries represented and the majority of delegates attending their first ever MGI event, it was a fabulous first step into the world of MGI Worldwide."

Paul Winder, UK & Ireland Regional Coordinator

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MGI Worldwide accounting network held its 7th edition of the Talent Meeting on 30-31 March, in Brussels


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