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Greg Winnett - IC Member Spotlight

It's all about relationships,’ says Greg Winnett of Accru Melbourne, as he reflects on his time as former Asia Pacific Regional Board member of CPAAI representing the Accru Group and International Committee Member representing the Australasia region.

What did you gain most from your experience?

In a word it’s ‘relationships’ – I have a strong belief that the value you gain from membership of an international network is directly related to the time and effort you put in.

During my tenure as a regional board member of CPAAI and International Committee member for MGI, I met many great people from regions all over the globe. This provided me with the opportunity to build numerous relationships beyond the Boards or Committees with connections that will remain contacts and personal friends for many years to come.

What are some of your greatest/fondest memories?

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I could mention several fabulous conferences I’ve attended, the content and the social fun times - plus, the talented and interesting people I’ve met from many different countries and cultures.

But what stands out is the respect I have received from members that appreciate the energy given and contribution we all make as volunteer Committee members.

What was your biggest contribution to MGI as a network?

Helping put the right management structure in place following the merger of MGI and CPAAI. Ensuring we have dedicated and capable people that engage with each other and work together for the benefit of all members from all regions.

One piece of advice you would give to someone considering volunteering…

Seek some input from your own people – what do they value from MGI Worldwide network membership, what’s important to your region, and what is expected of your contribution.

What does MGI expect from you (as a member of your committee)?

Meaningful contribution - don’t be an outside player, you’re not just there to listen but the Committee values your opinion and expects your input.
Be visible - make sure you take seriously attendance at remote or face to face meetings, and ensure you are available as often as possible.
Give your constructive feedback to management regularly. It’s challenging running a global organisation with stakeholders that by and large don’t consider the network their highest priority - give them as much support as you can.
Enjoy what you do - because if you don’t you will never be really good at it.

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