17 Jan 2024

Say Hello to Caisa Westin from Revideco, Sweden as she joins MGI’s European board

Caisa Westin, partner at Revideco, based in Sweden, replaces Erik Emilsson on the European board

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Caisa Westin from Revideco, Sweden, as she takes on a new role within MGI's European board. A familiar face at MGI Worldwide, Caisa regularly attends European and international meetings. She has also played an active role as a Core Group Member of MGI’s popular Women Who Lead initiative. 

In her recent appointment, Caisa replaces Erik Emilsson, and becomes the first female to sit on the European Committee in several years. 

Revideco has been a valued member of MGI Worldwide for 23 years and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Erik Emilsson for his support and previous role on the board and as Chairman 2013-2014.  

Caisa introduces herself at the Global AGM in Bangkok 

We were thrilled to capture Caisa for a few moments so that she could introduce herself to those who might not have yet met her and share a few words on video. For those who missed it, here’s what she had to say.  

Caisa Westin circular bw.png

Caisa Westin

“I'm extremely grateful for the trust the members have put in me to be their spokesperson. 
"The business landscape is changing rapidly and I am convinced that my experience with helping clients over the 30 last years will assist in finding new ways and new paths for MGI Worldwide. 
"One of my goals is to simplify the way members can join in with meetings as I believe that face-to-face meetings are so important for an organisation like ours,” says Caisa. 

We continued by asking Caisa why she invests her time in MGI and being on the board

“When our clients want to expand they will have the support from our MGI colleagues throughout the world. Me being on the board will intensify that knowledge of who they can find help from.” 

The benefits from investing time in the meetings and in the MGI Worldwide network cannot be underestimated

For more information on joining MGI’s European board and future opportunities contact European Executive Director, Zoltan Paksy at [email protected].


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