Calling all members who want to expand their practices and learn more about forensic accounting: Litigations & Valuations webinar NOW available!

Litigation and Family Law seminar by O&S CPAs & Advisors now available for MGI Worldwide CPAAI members

Hosted by Kim J. Onisko, Partner at O&S CPAs & Advisors, in California, last week's webinar on Litigation and Family Law is now available on demand. Kim addressed practical strategies and helpful tips to start your own forensic family law practice. The presentation also included case studies and real-world examples.

Webinar Objective 

Webinar attendees learnt about Forensic Accounting for Divorce as well as:

 Framework of Family Law Forensic Matters

 Engagement Materials Client acceptance | Separate engagements | Joint engagements | Engagement letters

 Income Available for Support Employees | Business owners | How to treat investments

 Property Division Community | Separate | Accounting vs. Tracing | Business valuation tips

 Hidden Income How to hide the money | Basic techniques to uncover | How to explain it to the judge

 How to Develop a Divorce Practice Minimum qualifications | How to sell your services

North America Coordinator, Barbie Gonzales commented:

"30 people registered for the webinar and Kim gave some great personal examples of experiences he has had with clients. Some of his staff, who were on the call like Jeannie Clark, Holly Kekacs and Natalie Keam, also spoke about their experiences with Litigation and Forensics. Kim offered great advice and information about where people can get additional training to work in the field or for educational purposes."

Watch the recording

Members of MGI Worldwide CPAAI can watch the recording of this webinar in the Member Area online. Alternatively contact [email protected] for the Password to access the recording using the link below.

Thank you

kim-onisko.jpg A big thank you to Kim for hosting this event.

Kim is the consulting and forensic accounting partner at Onisko & Scholz. He supervises accounting, audit, review and compilation engagements performed for corporations, s-corporations, limited partnerships, partnerships, estates, trusts and nonprofit organisations. A portion of Kim’s practice is forensic accounting and litigation support.

Kim has worked in litigation since 1992 and is often called as an expert witness in the areas of accounting, economic damages and forensic accounting. He has performed economic loss analysis in matters of intellectual property, contract disputes, loss of profits and personal injury cases. He has also performed special forensic engagements for local and state governmental agencies.

Kim is Certified in Financial Forensics by the AICPA, Accredited in Business Valuation and is also a Certified Fraud Examiner.

For further information contact Kim Onisko at [email protected] or visit

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