06 May 2020

Canadian members of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI and Mackrell International hold virtual meeting to discuss possible opportunities to collaborate

MGI North America and Mackrell International Canadian-based member firms discuss collaboration opportunities

In another positive story about how the global pandemic is bringing people together, MGI North America (MGI NA) shares news about the recent call held between their Canada-based member firms and their colleagues from sister law network, Mackrell International (MI). 

This was the first marketing Zoom call to be co-hosted by MGI North America and Mackrell International, bringing together leaders within MI and MGI NA to explore opportunities, to collaborate, and share ideas.

Many potential business overlaps were identified, each firm’s specialty practice areas and niches were discussed, and insight was exchanged on how to sustain growth during and after the coronavirus pandemic. It was wonderful to hear positive highlights from everyone about their own experiences as a member of MGI and MI, and hear the different approaches firms are taking to provide their clients with the highest level of support during this unprecedented time.

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI, and Mackrell International have enjoyed many years of partnering but the past weeks have seen an increase in collaboration both within the Regions, as is the case with MGI North America, and globally. Now, more than ever, it is essential to have strong relationships and friendships. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring our Canadian-based groups together and open up a new channel of communication in which we plan to continue our conversations. Frank Fazzari of member-firm Fazzari & Partners even raised the idea of a joint MGI-MI in-person meeting to take place in the post-COVID-19 future!

Nancy Damato, Marketing Director for MGI NA, says, “It was wonderful to gather Canadian-based member firms of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI and Mackrell International on a web call! We look forward to continuing our conversations, enhancing our relationships, and exploring opportunities to collaborate.”

Keith Heddle, Managing Director at Mackrell International, adds, “From my perspective, it was really good to see a great bunch of people across Canada, from West to East, getting on famously and finding commonalities of experience, of purpose, and opportunity for clients – both now and for the future. It’s great to be cooperating like this – a definite silver lining from the COVD-19 cloud.”

About Mackrell International

Mackrell International is a truly global network of independent law firms. With 90 members representing a total of 4500 lawyers and attorneys working out of 170 offices in 60 countries, MI effortlessly delivers global expertise and local influence. Within their countries, our members rank in the top 10% of their country’s legal league tables, and each enjoys a leading reputation for their strength in commercial, corporate, and litigation. We vet and audit members, so clients don’t have to. A commitment to independence is matched by a commitment to the highest compliance and client service standards. MI members have a vested interest in their clients’ success.

MGI North America is part of MGI Worldwide with CPAAIa top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with over 10,000 independent auditors, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in almost 100 countries around the world.