29 Sep 2021

A BIG MGI Worldwide congratulations to MGI LT Accountant & Asociados Asesores y Auditores, as they proudly celebrate their 20th anniversary

MGI Worldwide accounting network member firm MGI LT, in the Dominican Republic, completes 20 years of activity

Eager to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the entire team, and extend the festivities beyond the day of its foundation, MGI LT Accountant & Asociados Asesores y Auditores, of the Dominican Republic, decided not to hold a single celebration but to extend anniversary events throughout the year.

Between the firm's Management, Human Resources and Marketing teams, and using a good dose of creativity, MGI LT Accountant & Asociados Asesores y Auditores has put together an annual schedule of activities distributed throughout the 12 months. These activities have been selected with particular team objectives such as: integration, recognition, competition, professional training, entertainment, and recreation.

mgi-lt-accountants-collage.jpg And there's more to come: As well as a team trip in October, the MGI LT Accountant team is planning a big year-end celebration to round the anniversary year off with a bang!

Planning for the future

Whilst the firm is enjoying celebrating its 20 year history, it has not forgotten to plan for the future and is busy preparing a strategic plan for the next 15 years with an emphasis on the generational change - a plan that is being put into practice collaboratively by the firm's team.

foto-lt-grupo.jpg Congratulations to the entire MGI LT Accountant Team for reaching its first 20 years of experience and our best wishes for the next 20 years!

For more information visit the MGI LT Accountant & Asociados Asesores y Auditores profile page or the firm website.

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