27 Apr 2021

Congratulations to our Accru members in Australia as they win across four categories at the 2021 Client Choice Awards!

MGI Worldwide CPAA member firms Accru in Australia win across four categories at the 2021 Client Choice Awards

MGI Worldwide CPAAI is proud to announce that Accru member firms have been announced winners in four of Australia’s 2021 Client Choice Awards, selected by independent client ratings.

Although no strangers to winning these awards, 2021 represents Accru’s best year yet as they took awards in the following categories:

  • Best Accounting & Consulting Services Firm ($30-$50m Revenue)
  • Best Professional Services Firm ($30-$50m Revenue)
  • Best CX (Customer Experience) Firm: Accounting & Consulting Services
  • Most Innovative Accounting & Consulting Services Firm

This is fantastic recognition for outstanding professional services across all our Accru firms, each individual office and member of their teams! Well done to all!



“The Accru group has consistently performed well in this competition, and this reward recognises all the hard work of the partners and staff.
The Accru group looks forward to further developing their profile as part of MGI Worldwide CPAAI and thanks them for their support.”

Tim Lane
Chairman of the Accru Group

Our Accru Firms

For more information contact any of our Accru member firms


Accru Harris Orchard
Tel +61 8 8431 1488

[email protected]


Accru Rawsons
Tel +61 7 3839 3666

[email protected]


Accru Hobart
Tel +61 3 6244 5044

[email protected]


Accru Melbourne
Tel +61 3 9835 8200

[email protected]


Accru Perth
Tel +61 8 9424 5700

[email protected]


Accru Felsers
Tel +61 2 8226 1655

[email protected]

sydney-glenda-nixon-266x200.jpg sydney-glenda-nixon-266x200.jpg

“We have won awards in previous years but this was exceptional to win in all four categories.”

Glenda Nixon
Accru Felsers

For more information about Accru Firms visit their website.

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