Did you know that the Accounting industry plays an important role in the shift to a sustainable future? Marga Hoek explains why

Speaking at the MGI Worldwide CPAAI 2021 Virtual Global Meeting, business leader, author, and sustainability advisor, Marga Hoek reveals how the accounting industry contributes to the shift to sustainable businesses and economy. Watch Marga’s presentation ‘Business for good is good business’ now available on demand.

Taking a wide ranging look at both the challenges and opportunities of sustainability, Marga's talk focuses on the changes business can make. By exploring the power of innovation to transform and react, she reveals real life case studies from a wide range of sectors, to examine how every business can play their part in shaping a sustainable future whilst also driving forward new business models, new products and services, and new sources of revenue. 

From reputation to regulation, employee and customer expectations to business strategy, Marga considers how sustainability is now fundamental to any business.

Watch the recording of Marga Hoek's presentation

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About Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek is a business leader, author and advisor working in sustainability. An Influential thought leader, she works with governments and businesses of all types and sizes. Marga takes a business approach to sustainability, combining innovation with new business models to explore the opportunities, as well as the pressures presented by changing demands, expectations and resources.

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