31 Mar 2022

Exciting News from Melbourne, Australia as Dobbyn & Carafa become MGI Dobbyn Carafa and adopt MGI-prefix branding

MGI Dobbyn Carafa adopts the MGI Worldwide brand look & feel and adds the MGI prefix to their firm’s name

After 15 years as Dobbyn and Carafa, 2022 sees the firm move forward with the exciting decision to rebrand and take on the MGI-prefix, to become MGI Dobbyn Carafa.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, MGI Dobbyn Carafa joined MGI Worldwide in 2019 and very quickly became an integral member of the MGI Australasia region. Working collaboratively with eight other MGI Australasian firms, MGI Dobbyn Carafa share resources among the Group and are proud of the strong working relationships in the areas of operational improvement, training and development and secondment.   

An exciting new chapter

The move is part of a tremendous growth journey representing a new era of partnership and collaboration and helping the firm combine a recognised brand with global reach. This also coincides with the launch of a brand-new website, as well as a move to larger, more modern premises. The firm felt that the MGI-prefix was an exciting platform to launch from and would further strengthen ties with both MGI Worldwide and MGI Australasia; and that the Dobbyn Carafa was a recognition to the history and legacy to which the firm has been born from. 

Director at MGI Dobbyn Carafa, Anthony Dobbyn, says 


"Given the amazing relationships we have with both the Australasian and Global MGI firms since joining, taking on the MGI branding was really a no brainer and equally a proud moment for Anthony and I. We are looking forward to more collaboration, and development of opportunities for our fantastic clients and employees and with travel now increasingly possible, building on those awesome relationships we have established.”

Antony Dobbyn
MGI Dobbyn Carafa

The Global Marketing Team at MGI Worldwide have enjoyed assisting and collaborating with the MGI Dobbyn Carafa team and look forward to working together on more collaboration opportunities in the future.  

A brief history of the firm 

Anthony Dobbyn and Anthony Carafa first started Dobbyn and Carafa in July 2006, with the vision of creating a mid-tier sized accounting firm that not only provided quality service through deep relationships with clients, but one that would share its success with their staff members.   

They set about building a firm that was unique, commercially viable and one that equity could be shared with their team, rather than the traditional accountancy firm model of a profit-sharing arrangement.   

Today, the newly rebranded MGI Dobbyn Carafa is a leading mid-tier advisory firm that offers services business advisory and tax and audit services to their very select client base. The firm also holds an AFSL to be able to conduct valuations, mergers, and acquisitions and more, which has allowed the firm to grow to a team of 30 and establish a position to be able to live out their vision.

mgi-dc-blue-banner.png Why did the firm adopt the MGI-prefix?  

In early 2021, Dobbyn and Carafa appointed a new CEO, placing operational responsibility of the firm in the hands of someone other than the Anthonys’ for the first time and ensuring it would become self-sustaining. Later that year the firm welcomed six new equity holders. The new ownership team, along with existing equity holders including Director, Mathew Skelley now makes up one third of the organisation.  

With all these changes taking place, the board decided that it was time to usher in a new era for the firm and leverage the global presence of the MGI brand, recognizing that more of the team collectively own the firm.   

This is an exciting time for the newly rebranded MGI Dobbyn Carafa and MGI Worldwide and the Australasia region are delighted to be part of the journey.

You can find out more about MGI Dobbyn Carafa on their website: www.mgidc.com.au or on their MGI Worldwide member profile page.

If you would like to know more please contact: 

Anthony Dobbyn at [email protected]
Anthony Carafa at [email protected]
Mathew Skelley at [email protected]


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