26 Mar 2020

From Hungary to Italy, members unite on key issues dealing with COVID-19

MGI with CPAAI members join together to discuss impact of Coronavirus outbreak

László Killik, IC member for Europe and Partner at BPO AUDIT TAX in Budapest, Hungary, arranges a live webinar hosted for Clients and bringing together MGI Worldwide and CPAAI partners from Italy to talk about the impact of Coronavirus on business. 

The webinar focused on helping clients and sharing solutions on key issues such as isolation, social distancing and global community, togetherness.

Laszlo says about the experience, “We all agreed that it was a great chat and many of my Clients attended. The experience was very positive for everyone and we would recommend having more European and Worldwide discussions like this. 

I really encourage our members to start similar ideas. There are many different sources of information relating to this crisis, but we should never forget that we are the trusted advisers of our Clients. So they are really interested about our opinion.”

Francesco Bartolucci from MGI Studio Pragma based in Fano, Italy also involved says, “Laszlo’s idea was great and we agreed that it could be interesting to have it done at a wider level, at least Europe.”

Laszlo would like to thank his Italian colleagues for their participation and involvement in this initiative; Francesco Bartolucci from MGI Studio Pragma based in Fano, Italy; Dario Galloni and Giovanni Triunfo from MGI De Leone – Triunfo – Galloni & Associati,  Milan, Italy; Pierpaolo Vannucci from MGI Vannucci & Associati, Lucca, Italy; Enrico Bressan and Marco Petrucci from PG&Partners based in Milan,  Italy and Dr Lutz Spitaler, Bozen, Italy.

You can watch a recording of the webinar HERE


Coronavirus (COVID–19) - member support webinars

During this difficult time, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI are extending our webinars for members to discuss key issues dealing with the Coronavirus and how this is affecting business. We are repeating webinars to allow for maximum access and accommodating different times. Please join us:

Tuesday 31 March (afternoon of Monday 30 March in North and South America)

Helping clients: how to help clients deal with cash flow, business maintenance, new approaches using technology and so on.

Wednesday 1 April (afternoon of Tuesday 31 March in North and South America)

Your practice and your staff: how to manage your practice and the challenges of home working, including the psychological effects on staff in isolation. 

Thursday 2 April (afternoon of Wednesday 1 April in North and South America)

The effect on audit validity: the effects on the practice and validity of audit - remote audit, going concern in a crisis of unknown duration and other issues.

Taking part in the zoom calls

Visit our dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub resources and updates web page in the Member Area to access the Zoom Links to join these webinars or contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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