Growing Together: The Power of MGI Worldwide Membership, says Naresh Dasari from Qatar

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AKSAA's journey took a new turn when they joined MGI Worldwide in 2022, leading to significant growth for the firm.

According to Alok K. Saksena and Partners, Accounting & Auditing, MGI membership has been a game-changer. Being part of MGI has opened doors to valuable business opportunities, especially in Qatar, says Partner Naresh Dasari.

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“Working with MGI Worldwide brought not just financial growth but also expertise. Collaborating with MGI members from various countries enriched AKSAA's skills and expanded our reach that would have not been possible outside of our membership”

The strong relationships and global presence of the MGI Worldwide global accounting network has boosted AKSAA's reputation and helped them better serve their clients.

In short, AKSAA's story shows how MGI Worldwide membership can fuel growth and success. Joining MGI isn't just about being a member—it's about growing together.


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