24 Aug 2023

Increase capacity without needing to hire a single new staff member. MGI Worldwide members read on...

Leading your people has never been more challenging; hybrid work, stress, burnout, disruption, retention… For most, measuring performance has become complex, burdensome and overwhelming and the results are lackluster.

Human Performance Optimisation for your firm

Meet MGI Worldwide's 2023 Global AGM Sponsor, Everperform.

Everperform is a performance technology and advisory company, now focused on improving the performance of the accounting industry. Everperform measures your people across the dimensions of performance that matter; well-being, relationships and productivity; consolidating your existing data and aligning it to powerful subjective measures; ‘true’ performance.

"Only 35.21% of accountants across the industry are meeting the expectations set for them.
Within the first 6 months, Everperform have been able to help shift this number to over 70%, resulting in a significant increase in capacity without needing to hire a single new staff member."

Tim Thompson, Head of Growth & Partnerships, Everperform

At MGI Worldwide's upcoming Global AGM in Bangkok this October, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Tim Thompson and learn more. You will also hear 'the lived experience' from fellow MGI member, Matt Bramhall, Partner at MGI Joyce I Dickson.

Make better decisions and improve your people faster with Everperform

Everperform look forward to sharing knowledge, data insights, industry benchmarking and customer stories with MGI Worldwide members in Bangkok this October.

We hope you will walk away energised with the clarity and confidence to reform your firm's performance strategy.

For more information visit MGI Worldwide's 2023 Global AGM Sponsor webpage at everperform.com.

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Everperform sponsors MGI Worldwide 2023 Global AGM

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