21 Mar 2024

Introducing the Chair of Accru, Australasia

Ainsley Coggins, Director of Accru Harris Orchard in South Australia, is the new Chair of Accru Group. Accru is one of two independent networks representing MGI Worldwide in Australasia. Ainsley has been a Chartered Accountant for 25 years and worked for Accru Harris Orchard for over 20 of those. She is currently a Director in Tax & Business Services, as well as overseeing Operations.

Ainsley takes over the role of Chair from Tim Lane at Accru Hobart. 

She says, “Tim guided our group through COVID and the challenges that ensued for all our colleagues disbursed across Australia.  He was also Chair during the merger between MGI and CPAAI and has forged a good relationship with the MGI Australasia Group. I look forward to building on what Tim started.”

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What are your main objectives for the Accru role?

“The Accru Group has always encouraged strong personal relationships, with many Directors/Partners having known each other for more than 20 years. Our continued focus on sharing ideas across the firms and involving the up-and-coming Directors/Partners and Managers will only strengthen and grow these relationships for the next group of leaders at each firm.

“We also continue to foster referrals and provide assistance as needed to other Accru firms where location can be a challenge.”

What are your plans for Accru in relation to MGI?

“My hope is to continue building on the relationships we have with other Australasian firms and find synergies where we can, to ensure that our region thrives within MGI Worldwide. The Australasian Group has almost doubled in size thanks to the merger between MGI and CPAAI. We see this as a positive, with the opportunity to tap into a larger network in our own geographic areas and join forces where we can, to continue to keep the MGI name prominent within Australasia. The opportunity the global network provides to connect with new firms and utilise their expertise where we need – and then hopefully return the favour – is exciting.”

What thoughts do you have about your career in accounting?

“I always wanted to be an accountant, since early high school. What I didn’t realise when I first went into the profession was how it would allow me to help so many people grow – both clients and team members – and that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

“I also competed in calisthenics for 20 years – a competitive dance performance-based sport – which gave me confidence I didn’t know I had, and encouraged me to move outside my comfort zone. That helped me to get where I am today professionally.

“I hope that my journey from a shy young high school student to a Director at Accru Harris Orchard and Chair of the Accru Group can inspire other women to pursue what is important to them and achieve what they may not think they can do.”

Read more about Ainsley and get in touch if you’d like to know more about the Accru group ([email protected]). 

Alternatively contact Ayzsa Gibbs who joins Ainsley serving as Regional Coordinator for the Accru Group in Australia.

Ayzsa Gibbs

Regional Coordinator, Accru, Australia

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