Introduction to environmentally responsible marketing initiatives & corporate policies

When it comes to firms being environmentally responsible, and eco-friendly, it can be confusing with so many different terms, buzzwords, and catch-phrases.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, even the best intentions can fall short, and the most experienced marketers can be challenged; however, help is on the way!    

In this introduction to environmentally responsible marketing initiatives and corporate policies, we were joined by experts in the field with many years of experience to educate/inform and help guide us.

Brief Bios: 

Ed Furci, VP Sales J.S. McCarthy Printers, Ed has over 30 years of print management and acts as an advisor to many print buyers, and Rylan MacVey, Senior Business Development Manager for PrintReLeaf, a leader in helping companies incorporate a robust corporate environmental policy through global reforestation. 

Ed and Rylan covered a range of relevant topics, including:  

  • Why is it so important for Firms to be environmentally responsible? 
  • Do these practices most impact on your existing and prospective clients (business development), future and prospective staff (recruiting), as well as your Firm’s relationship with your community?  
  • How can your Firm practice Eco-Friendly Printing Practices? 
  • Does your printer practice responsible supply chain management? Do they produce VOC-free products? 
  • Does your Firm and do your suppliers ‘Reduce and Recycle?’ 
  • Can you work with a printer that will plant trees on your behalf with every order?

What do you know about the following certifications?


You can watch the recording here:

This recording is password protected. For the password as well as for the presentation shared during this session please visit the Webinars page in the Member area or contact [email protected].



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