Investment and M&A opportunities in South Korea – MGI Hanmi presents webinar showcasing the many benefits and incentives

Discussing investment opportunities in South Korea, with a particular focus on the supply chain and on mergers and acquisitions, Young Ham, Partner at our South Korean member firm MGI Hanmi, recently gave a short presentation in which he explained the advantages and incentives of investment in Korea. He was joined by a local Gyeonggi Province government official who highlighted the opportunities available in region where the firm’s two offices are located.

Supply Chain Crisis & Investment Opportunities in South Korea

In this webinar, Young Ham focuses particularly on the global supply chain crisis that hit the US economy in 2020, which saw large South Korean companies, including Samsung electronics, being invited to invest the in US supply chain.

As Young explained though, with challenges come opportunities – particularly for those located in South Korea’s Gyeonggi province.


The supply chain crisis introduces opportunities, in particular, for those seeking investment opportunities in South Korea.

Young Ham
Partner at MGI Hanmi

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The Gyeonggi province

MGI Hanmi is closely working with the Gyeonggi government to promote foreign investment. Gyeonggi province is the site of the biggest metropolitan local government in Korea, surrounding Seoul and Incheon, and is the site of Samsung electronics and other powerful companies investing the US supply chain.

Why invest in Korea?

South Korea offers a chance to invest in a stable economy with a good track record of growth and a high income. Additional benefits include:

  • World’s best digital infrastructure
  • Innovation and highly skilled workforce
  • Ideal global test bed
  • Business hub of northeast Asia
  • Rising e-commerce market
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Track record of business success stories

What are the incentives of investing in Korea?

A number of incentives are being promoted to encourage investment in Korea, ranging from tax reduction and exemptions, to cash grants. Additional incentives include: 

  • Support applying for grants and tax exemptions
  • Free trade zones
  • Foreign investment zones
  • Free economic zones
  • Business-affiliated research institutes
  • R&D service businesses

About MGI Hanmi

MGI Hanmi has been a loyal member of MGI Worldwide global accountancy network since 2013. The firm provides strategic solution for clients across a range of diverse specialty areas. With offices in Incheon and Seoul, MGI Hanmi is ideally situated to support any members who have clients seeking investment opportunities in South Korea, and particularly in the Gyeonggi Province

If you have clients that you think might be interested in investing in Korea and particularly the supply chain and M&A opportunities, please contact Young Ham at [email protected].

You can find out more about MGI Hanmi at the firm’s website or on their profile page.  

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