José Luis Méndez from member firm MGI Bargalló Cardoso y Asociados discusses the value of attending MGI Worldwide annual regional meetings

José Luis Méndez speaks to MGI Worldwide about the benefits of attending regional meetings

José Luis Méndez from member firm MGI Bargalló Cardoso y Asociados, speaks to MGI Worldwide about the importance of collaboration between network members.

Speaking to MGI Worldwide during MGI Latin America's June regional meeting, José discusses the value of attending these networking events at least once a year. He explains how significant member participation is for the network, and how firms can learn from one another by sharing experiences and ideas.

José goes on to highlight the importance of firms supporting one another when it comes to overcoming challenges. He concludes that collaboration is key and helps network members to identify areas and business practices that are in need of improvement.

Watch the full video testimonial here (in Spanish):

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