12 Apr 2024

Jullian Consultores looks to strengthen relationships and expand international presence in move to network

Based in Chile’s capital city, Santiago, member firm Jullian Consultores is excited about its recent move to the MGI Worldwide network, seeing the importance of belonging to an international network in a globalised world.

About the firm

With over 45 years’ experience, the firm is led by its two partners, Jaime Jullian and Alejandra Villaroel and offers tax, auditing, accounting and labour services. Focused primarily on serving investment companies and high net worth individuals, Jullian Consultores' main priority is to offer a personalised service and the building of lasting client relationships.

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In 2023 the firm achieved some significant milestones, including the appointing of managers for core service areas and dedicating time to reaffirm its values and goals. Embracing a culture of growth and improvement, the firm initiated strategic objectives to enhance performance evaluation and profitability, with an aim to elevate service quality and client satisfaction.

Why move to the network?

MGI Worldwide Key Contact, Alejandra explains:

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"We can see that MGI Worldwide is a network that is highly engaged and which has a business vision aligned with current market realities, where technology, young professionals, and emerging issues are pivotal. We see a professional network that encourages and expects continuous improvement and, importantly, that there is a strong focus on integrating firms both regionally and around the world – we want to be a part of this.

First impressions

When asked about the firm’s experience of the network so far, it is the spirit of personal support and collaboration that the firm has most appreciated. Alejandra says:

“Having come from CPAAI the firm has received a great deal of support from MGI regional management and, when needed, also from other firms in the region. It is very important to have partners in other countries; our clients have already found support for their businesses from our fellow member firms in Mexico and Colombia.”

It is good to see that the network is living up to its values!

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Looking to the future

Committed to continuous growth and innovation, the firm has established partnerships with leading professionals through which it is able to offer new services related to finance, management and marketing. Specifically, these include: Company and Project Valuation, Corporate Finance, Cost Modeling, Development of Strategies to address the Market, Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing Consulting, Strategic and Operational Marketing. In this way, Jullian Consultores seeks to complement its existing offer and provide better support to its clients.

Alejandra concludes:

“As Jullian Consultores enters this new phase within the network, we look forward to building lasting partnerships, expanding our reach, and delivering enhanced value to our clients globally by leveraging the resources and collaborative opportunities offered by MGI Worldwide.”

About Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is a vibrant hub for business and commerce, renowned for its stable economy and favourable business environment. As the capital and economic centre of Chile, Santiago attracts investors and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in industries such as finance, technology, mining, and agriculture. Its strategic location, coupled with modern infrastructure and robust regulatory framework, as well as a skilled workforce, access to capital, and a burgeoning start-up scene, makes Santiago attractive to both local enterprises and multinational corporations.

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To find out more visit the firm’s profile page or website.

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