22 Apr 2024

Kurdistan’s first audit firm joins the MGI Worldwide network!

KHCPA lead image

MGI Worldwide is happy to welcome MGI KHCPA (Khalid Yasin Kadhem & Associates) to our global accounting network, and especially pleased that the firm has decided to immediately take the MGI prefix.

MGI KHCPA began operations in 2019 and is the first – and only – audit firm in North Iraq’s Kurdistan region. The firm is managed by partners Dr Khalid Alkaisy, Saad Al Quraishy, Hoshyar Dizayee and Karwan Dizayee.

MGI KHCPA’s main office is in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, an autonomous region in Northern Iraq that borders the Kurdish regions of Iran to the east, Turkey to the north and Syria to the west, along with the rest of Iraq to the south. The firm has a second office in Duhok and plans to open another branch in the coming months.

About KHCPA 

Managed by a team of independent chartered accountants in Erbil, MGI KHCPA boasts a professional team of auditors and tax advisors who provide consultation and quality accounting, audit and business support services.

The firm primarily works in the oil, gas, and non-profit sectors and hopes that its MGI membership will bring about new business opportunities. Being so close the Turkish border is also a focus and provides additional opportunities. Services are offered in English, Arabic and Kurdish.

What motivated MGI KHCPA to join MGI Worldwide?

One of the firm’s main reasons for joining the network was to be able to assure its clients of high international audit quality standards. Particularly important was to provide the added benefits of the Forum of Firms membership which will allow the firm to tender for work with international companies and organisations.

Hoshyar Dizayee, the firm’s lead partner and MGI key contact, says:

Hoshyar Dizayee is a partner at MGI Worldwide accounting network member firm KHCPA
“We are local audit firm and needed an international image in order to grow and attract international companies in the region. In addition to this, we get additional and valuable support from an international network.
We hope that we can contribute to the MGI Worldwide network by being an active member, to cover all the needs in Iraq and the region.”


Iraq's economy centers around its substantial oil reserves, ranking among the world's largest, contributing significantly to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, the nation is actively working to diversify its economic portfolio, aiming to reduce dependency on oil revenues. Initiatives are underway to attract foreign investment and promote non-oil sectors, focusing on infrastructure projects, agriculture, and technology to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

You can find out more about MGI KHCPA at the firm’s website or on their member profile page.

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