15 Mar 2023

Latin America region completes second edition of its successful International Audit Diploma with over 300 taking part!

Proud to have brought together 15 local exhibitors and over 300 attendees, completing a total of 26 hours of training, Latin America region successfully completes the second edition of the International Audit Diploma, which began in November 2022.

As a result of the interest shown after the first Diploma in 2022, the 14 sessions of this second edition focused on practical issues covering a variety of topics such as audit strategies, new quality control standards, transfer pricing, company evaluation, asset laundering prevention and much more.

Presented by Latin America member firm partners

A big thank you to our 15 speakers, all members of our firms in Latin America, who made their time and knowledge available to colleagues and friends to offer 13 training modules, totalling some 26 hours.

More than 300 people registered to participate in the diploma course, with an average of 120 people per session and reaching up to 150 connected listeners.

Once again, the feedback from the partners and staff members who accompanied us as listeners was extremely positive. It is encouraging to see that these initiatives are being supported more and more by our member firms, often involving their entire team.

Positive feedback

Hector Fabio Mejía, Partner at MGI VIA Consultoría, based in Colombia, speaker at the session about IT Systems Audits:

"These types of collaborations are not only important, they are necessary. In addition to the opportunity to share knowledge, we can train our teams on very important issues. At the same time, relationships between members get strengthened and become reliable business ties.

"From the exhibitors perspective, this is a highly valuable experience, giving them professional exposure to people from different countries".


Marta Liliana Martínez, Partner at Perez Olvera Enriquez Asociados, based in Mexico, speaker for the New Quality Control Standards module:

“In the accounting profession it is essential to keep up with training and updates, and what better than doing it among partners and friends? The diploma gave us not only a great experience, but by having exhibitors from across the entire Latin American network, it was possible to get to know different regulations, points of view, and exchange experiences about the development of our work in the different countries where each of us resides or works.

"It also allowed us, albeit online, to get to know each other and our firms a little more, and learn about each other's area of ​​expertise. I believe that this, in the future, can help us to support one another in a more personal way and even bring opportunities for new business”.


Milton Chambonett, Partner at CPA Tax Chambonett y Asociados, based in Panama,  speaker at the sessions on Audit Strategy and Analysis of Financial Statements:

“Talking about Continuing Education for me is talking about sharing knowledge, understanding and learning about topics of high priority in your profession, as well as getting yourself updated on the development of the related professions and sciences.

"In the case of the courses on financial auditing provided by Latin American region and Mexico, they meet all these characteristics, and more. The experience of being one of the speakers and instructors is extremely gratifying and helps us share the knowledge that we have accumulated over so many years.

"For a studious academic like me, with several postgraduate degrees, several master's degrees, a university professor of diplomas and master's degrees in Panama and other countries, there is nothing better to support and develop our staff than these initiatives."


Thank you to all of our contributors, and to all the participants who joined us session after session.

We want to remind you that all the content is recorded and is available in our video library for future reference, which becomes a valuable repository of materials in Spanish for the members of our network.

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