10 Feb 2021

Latin America region update: Catch up by viewing a recording of the region report, as presented at the 2020 Virtual Global Meeting

Latin America region update from the MGI Worldwide CPAAI annual virtual global meeting

Updating us on the developments from across the Latin America Region, Andrea Pallas, Regional Director for Latin America, presents a quick overview, recorded during the 2020 Virtual Global meeting.

Whether you are a member of the Latin America region, or are just keen to hear what your global colleagues have been doing, we encourage you to take a look at the video.

Introduction to the region

Andrea begins by introducing the region which has grown significantly following the merger and is now represented by 47 firms, making it our second largest region with 20% of global members based there - only the Europe region, with its 29% share, being larger.

Meetings, virtual meetings, webinars & online conferences

In the early part of 2020, members from both MGI Worldwide and CPAAI were able meet physically in Mexico City and start forming successful collaborations. Following the start of the pandemic, the Region has hosted a series of online meetings and events as well as joining global events. These have proved to be a great opportunity to identify new faces and meet new colleagues.

Joint regional committee

The region was keen to begin working together closely following the merger so a joint regional committee was swiftly approved, and monthly meetings scheduled. Regional commissions and working groups with members from MGI Worldwide and CPAAI have been established to cover different areas of interest.

Updates from Mexico

Fernanda López gives an update from Mexico, where 12 member firms are based. Mexican firms have been very focused on activities that motivated the transition from CPAAI to MGI Worldwide by encouraging CPAAI members to visit MGI members' offices, as well as attend live and virtual presentations showing the benefits of joining the network.

As previously mentioned, the Mexico annual meeting, fortunately, went ahead as planned in March, giving members from MGI Worldwide and CPAAI the opportunity to meet each other in person. The election of the joint Board of Directors was also announced at this event.

Online opportunities have been plentiful in Mexico, with 30 presentations given, as well as weekly sessions open to all Latin American members. This represents around 90 training hours, with a virtual library of materials and recordings of each session available on the website.

Read the full meeting highlights HERE.

Watch the recording

To watch the full recording of the Latin America Region Update from Andrea Pallas and Fernanda López log in to the Member Area of the website and visit the 2020 Virtual Global Meeting highlights page. Links to all recordings can be found at the bottom of the page. 

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