Looking to better service your clients’ needs and help your accountancy firm compete and grow? Hear from our MGI North America members about how membership has benefited them!

Hear from our MGI North America accounting network members about how membership has benefited them!

Membership to MGI North America and MGI Worldwide global accountancy network instantly creates opportunities to market and grow your firm!

We’ve created a short video so that you can hear directly from some of our existing North America member firms about their own experiences, and how membership to our global accounting network has helped their firms to grow and thrive. 

What are the benefits of MGI North America and MGI Worldwide membership?

As a member of MGI North America and MGI Worldwide, you will have full access to critical resources, support and solutions to help your clients across North America and anywhere in the world. Membership benefits include, among others:

  • A strong business alliance among MGI North America and MGI Worldwide firms
  • Full access to over 5,400 professionals and resources to better service your client’s needs
  • Extensive technical support for the most complex of client issues
  • National and international connections in more than 90 countries
  • Regular networking and events to strengthen relationships across the network
  • Greater competitive advantage and increased opportunities for client retention
  • Service and industry expertise to enable you to compete with larger firms
  • Customized marketing, advertising and public relations support
  • National and international quality assurance with the prestigious ‘Forum of Firms’ membership
  • Partner-level personal support and the best possible solutions for your clients’ needs

How does membership create successful firms?

When asked this question in the video, Stuart Jaffe, Managing Partner at Kirsch Kohn & Bridge LLP, Los Angeles, California summarised his experience perfectly:

“Why has our membership been so successful? There’s two words that really indicate that – it’s presence and participation.”

To hear more testimonials from MGI North America firms and how they have benefited from membership you can listen to real stories from Sharon Gregor, Executive Vice President at Selden Fox, Chicago, Illinois, Gabriel Zephir, Managing Partner at AMF_Experts, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Vanessa Solá, Managing Partner at Frierson, Solá, Simonton & Kutac, PLLC, Houston, Texas.

Membership to MGI North America and MGI Worldwide undoubtedly creates excellent opportunities for firms to improve the quality of their practice, enhance their branding and increase their ability to provide service to their clients, the only question that remains, is are you ready to take your firm to the next level of success?

Watch the video here:

If you would like to speak to us about membership of MGI North America and MGI Worldwide, informally and without commitment, please contact our North America Regional Director Joe Tarasco at [email protected]

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