21 Feb 2022

MGI Worldwide's Marketing Group explores the possibilities of creating lasting impressions for attracting and retaining talent and growing business - join the conversation!

MGI Worldwide accounting association holds Marketing Call to discuss The Importance of “360 Degree Marketing”

Whether it’s a client navigating your website or visiting your office, or a high calibre candidate interviewing for a new role, it is essential that the image your Firm projects is intentional and consistent.

'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

The old adage that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is true. First impressions are long-lasting and can be nearly impossible to reverse. They often set the tone and establish the foundation for the relationship that follows. Knowing how to create a great first impression across all points of contact and in all forms of communication is vital and can be challenging.

  • Why are first impressions so powerful?   
  • What can your Firm do to project a more positive image? 
  • What marketing channels and activities are most important to you?

During our next call on Thursday, 24 February, MGI Worldwide's Marketing Group in collaboration with Mackrell International, we will be joined by Ronen Jackson, Founder and CEO of Mustard – a creative and digital agency based in Cape Town South Africa. 


Creating Lasting Impressions:
The Importance of “360 Degree Marketing”

Thursday 24 February 2022
4:30 PM London time GMT / 12:30 EST

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Ronen will join the our Group for a series of talks throughout the year that will build on various themes and topics of interest to our members. Ronen will facilitate lively discussions and guide us through every step of what Mustard calls the “360 Degree Marketing Journey!”

Our journey begins with a focus on first impressions, and subsequent talks will include a deeper dive into website design and development, corporate identity and design, internal communications, digital and e-marketing, and more! Ronen will also answer any questions and address any challenges facing your Firm.   


Ronen brings a wealth of experience having worked with our colleagues at
MGI Bass Gordon for many years. He has over 20 years’ experience in building brands and businesses both in Cape Town, South Africa and internationally.   

We hope you can join us!

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