05 Apr 2024

Meet multi-award-winning firm Hilger, Neumann & Partner, the latest addition to MGI Worldwide in Germany

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With three offices along the River Rhine, between Bonn and Koblenz, Hilger, Neumann & Partner is the most recent addition to the MGI Worldwide global accounting network in Germany, bringing MGI's total number of offices in the country to 18.

As it looks to make the most of its membership, the firm is especially interested in building strong links with fellow members across the region and beyond.

Meet the firm

Hilger, Neumann & Partner is a six-partner firm, with an additional 60 professional staff, providing tax advice (including international tax law), audit and accounting and business management consulting. Amongst other things, the firm’s certified consultants specialise in restructuring, company succession and the health care professions.

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Partners from left to right: Steffen Wassermeyer, David Schmitt, Frederic Engel, Heinz-Wilhelm Ollefs, Ralph Neumann, Tanja Arenz

What motivated Hilger, Neumann & Partner to join MGI Worldwide?

The firm has a number international clients and is eager to be able to offer them greater support - having MGI worldwide colleagues around the world will allow them to do this.

Partner at the firm, and MGI Key Contact, Steffen Wassermeyer, explains:

“Membership of MGI Worldwide gives us the possibility to provide our internationally operating clients with a contact person abroad and thus increase client loyalty. In addition, services of MGI colleagues can be offered, so that we create added value for our clients.”

What makes them different?

Clients of Hilger, Neumann & Partner benefit from personal support from one of the firm’s highly qualified partners who pride themselves on quick response times and have an excellent reputation with the tax authorities. The firm has been awarded for its approach by the very well-known business newspaper Handelsblatt, which last year announced them as winners in the Best Tax Consultants and Best Auditors categories. The magazine Manager Magazin awarded them with the Best Auditor title of the year 2024 and the business magazine Focus Money named the firm the Top Tax Consultants in Germany, for the 15th time, in 2023. 

Firm office locations

Hilger, Neumann & Partner was established in 1996, in Andernach on the banks of the Rhine. The city is one of the oldest towns in Germany with about 30,000 inhabitants. The firm has additional offices in Bonn to the north, and Koblenz to the south.

Bonn is an important administrative centre, often viewed as the country’s unofficial second capital. The city has more than 300,000 inhabitants. It is home to several universities and ministerial offices, and many domestic and multinational businesses have chosen the city for their headquarters - including 20 United Nations Institutions.

The city of Koblenz has a population of around 120,000. Companies in the region are known particularly for the export of wine and mineral waters, as well as the manufacturing of automotive parts, aluminium coils, paper, cardboard, machinery, boats, and barges. In September 2012 an Amazon logistics centre was opened and the economy around the area has been strengthened with the setting of investment incentives.

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You can find out more about Hilger, Neumann & Partner on the firm’s profile page or website.

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