Member spotlight on Jennifer Allen from North America

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Jennifer, from Hellam Varon, based in Washington, United States of America, underscores the indispensable role of technology in driving business success, for both clients and firms.

In Jennifer's opinion, staying ahead in today's business world requires understanding and utilising advancements in technology, for both client needs and firm operations. Collaboration and knowledge sharing across firms are essential elements for success, she believes. By learning from each other through collaboration, MGI Worldwide member firms can achieve powerful progress.

What Membership means to me is technology

About Hellam Varon & Co. Inc. P.S.

Situated in Bellevue, Washington, Hellam Varon provides not only traditional accounting, audit, and tax services but also innovative and strategic estate and trust planning and high level, proactive business support services. For more than 40 years, Hellam Varon has embodied a visionary approach to accounting, with a commitment to excellence and forward-thinking professional services.

For more information about Hellam Varon & Co. visit their profile page or website.

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