Member spotlight on Rosemary Rehner from North America

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Rosemary from Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc., based in Ohio, United States of America, highlights the value of being a member of MGI's Women Who Lead Group.

Rosemary emphasises the importance of mentoring as she engages with women leaders around the world. She finds inspiration in hearing their stories, experiences, and valuable insights, which motivates her to progress further on her own journey.

What Membership means to me is mentoring

About Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc.

Barnes Wendling CPAs Inc., a Cleveland based financial services company, has been serving closely held businesses and not-for-profit organizations since 1946. Their team of educated, experienced professionals is dedicated to one goal: building and maintaining our clients’ net worth. Over the years, Barnes Wendling have developed a set of services they call the BRISE Model, which focuses on planning in the areas of Business Development, Retirement, Investment, Succession, and Estate.

For more information about Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc. visit their profile page or website.

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