19 Jan 2023

MENA region wraps up 2022 with a Bang! - Read all the latest news from the Middle East & North Africa

The latest issue of the MENA Newsletter has been published covering member activities across the Middle East & North Africa Region in the second half of 2022, including the successful MENA Region meeting which was held in Kuwait in December.


In addition to meeting highlights, members have provided the latest regulatory updates from their respective countries to assist their clients with businesses in the MENA region. The following are included:

  1. UAE Emara Tax
  2. UAE HR matters
  3. UAE Emiratisation rule
  4. Saudi Arabia Company Law

Articles on practice improvement, leadership strategies and marketing ideas have been collated from various sources and are also included in the newsletter.

We invite you to read the newsletter HERE and keep yourself & your colleagues abreast with what is happening amongst members in the MENA region.

Happy reading!

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