MGI Africa's 'For Members; By Members' series continues. Don't miss ‘Pivoting during a pandemic’ with Baraka Cassian, Partner at Cassian & Associates

MGI Africa accountancy network hosts the second of the For Members; By Members webinar series

For the second in the series of ‘For Members; By Members’ webinars, aimed especially at our Africa Region members, Baraka Cassian of Cassian & Associates (C&A), Tanzania, shared how his firm has successfully 'pivoted during the pandemic'.

With 26 MGI Worldwide CPAAI accountancy network members in attendance, Baraka spoke about how the firm came up with the idea for an app to help SME’s maintain their expense records for tax declaration purposes.

The firm has always maintained that digitalisation is one of their top priorities, not just for their own operations but also for those of their clients - helping them to use technology to be more efficient.


baraka-cassian-and-logo.png Three years ago, the firm decided to move its operations to the cloud, a decision which proved invaluable during the pandemic. It meant that all staff were able to transition smoothly to working remotely from home, without any problems. It was business as usual for the firm which gave them time to consider other aspects of the practice that were not efficient.


One such area was the fragmented nature of collecting data by the Tanzania Tax Authority. There were different systems for VAT and other taxes. C&A noted that the tax POS system was yet to be digitised. C&A took the bold step of beginning discussions with the tax authority to try to find a solution to the problem. The idea was to develop a software that can integrate customer systems and tax systems.

Simplify was the answer. A new, easier way to submit Tax Invoices. Listen to Baraka share C&A’s journey on how Simplify was created.

Watch the recording of the webinar HERE:

A copy of Baraka's presentation is available in the Member Area HERE.

About Cassian & Associates

Cassian & Associates is a certified public accounting firm that provides professional services to individuals, businesses, start-ups and non-profits for accounting, consulting and tax services. Cassian & Associates aims to improve the financial outlook of both the clients and the community by making a strong commitment to them and sharing a vested interest in their success.

For more information about Cassian & Associates, visit their member profile or their website.

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