23 Apr 2024

MGI Alekim actively working to reduce its carbon footprint on Earth Day

As is now its custom, and amidst great fanfare, MGI Alekim LLP joined the global community in celebration of Earth Day 2024 by continuing its amazing work planting trees around Nairobi, Kenya.

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Managing Partner Felix Kimoli shares:

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"While Earth Day is traditionally celebrated on April 22nd, 2024, MGI Alekim LLP decided to hold its celebrations on April 20th, a Saturday, due to the 22nd being a working day. The firm was pleased to take part in this important event aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. As part of the celebrations, MGI Alekim LLP with the other participants planted 1000 indigenous trees. The Bomas of Kenya, a prominent government institution which has aligned itself with the government’s goal to plant 15 billion trees by 2032, was the host of this significant event.

"MGI Alekim LLP chose the Bomas of Kenya as a partner because of their shared dedication to environmental conservation. The event saw the participation of MGI Alekim LLP, Batian Registrars LLP, and Taxplan Consulting Limited, along with some of their esteemed clients. The event also garnered support from other stakeholders, including Nairobi City County, KEFRI, Kenya Forest Service, and Kzanaka."

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MGI Alekim builds carbon credits

"The event of the day revolved around the theme of 'a nation that destroys trees destroys herself', reminding everyone of the importance of preserving the environment. The objective of the event was to build carbon credits, which aim to reduce the harmful effects of carbon footprint due to air travel, which is inevitable for MGI Alekim LLP as we are active supporters of MGI Worldwide and place great importance on being well represented at regional and global meetings.

"The speeches given on the day challenged participants to adopt sustainable environmental practices. The event's primary aim was to mitigate the harmful effects of air travel on the environment, and volunteers were reminded of their responsibility to take action in combating the adverse effects of climate change to achieve that goal."

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Enduring legacy

"To ensure the trees' well-being and upkeep the firm undertook to conduct regular inspections. The task was entrusted to the Environment, Social and Governance committee. By monitoring the trees on a frequent basis, the committee has a responsibilityto identify any issues and take immediate action to prevent any damage or harm to the trees and their surroundings.

To find out more about MGI Alekim LLP, visit the firm's website or profile page.

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