Highlights from the MGI Europe 2024 Conference held in Warsaw, Poland

Hosted in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland, this year's European Conference attracted 73 delegates from 48 European firms, including participants from the UK, China, and Mauritius. 

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Building on the success of previous events, the conference offered a dynamic mix of knowledge-sharing sessions and exciting social activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Sharing sucess stories

The agenda placed a strong emphasis on nurturing employee well-being and fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture. Special thanks go to Antti Niemi (Revideco) and Chloé Marques (FCN) for openly sharing their firms' well-being initiatives and successes.

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A notable highlight was the presentation by four firms on their successful mergers, all of which chose MGI Worldwide as their future global organisation. Congratulations to MGI Creo+ and Integré in Italy; Balmer-Etienne in Germany; and De Blay+Partners / Schets, in Belgium.

Grzegorz Modzelewski, from our Warsaw-based member firm MGI Modzelewski, commented:

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Tomasz and Grzegorz Modzelewski
MGI Modzelewski, Warsaw, Poland

"Over 70 delegates from 20 countries focused on the topics of Wellbeing and Mental Health, with great insights from our members Antti J. Niemi and Chloé MARQUES on how they are tackling those issues in their firms.  We heard from Poland's former Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, on economic and political developments , and as usual, there were also lots of interesting social activities with plenty of opportunities for networking and chatting with fellow members. After the conference I was happy to show some of our friends around our great city!"

New European Coordinating Committee announced

During the meeting, MGI Worldwide Chairman and International Committee Member representing Europe, László Killik, and European Director, Zoltán Paksy, were excited to announce the newly appointed European Coordinating Committee members. Each of these members embody the diversity, experience, and dynamism that define MGI Worldwide:

Caisa Westin, from Revideco, Sweden, representing the European Nordic Circle
Chloé Marques, from FCN, France, representing the Mediterranean Circle
Enrico Bressan, from MGI Creo+, Italy, representing the Mediterranean Circle
László Killik, from MGI-BPO, Hungary, MGI Worldwide Chair, representing Europe, and member of the European Advisory Board
Michael Grüne, from Menold Bezler, Germany, European Central Circle Leader
Nico Hansen, from MGI Fisogest, Luxembourg, Treasurer
Wim De Blay, from De Blay + Partners, Belgium, representing MGI Association

...and just for fun!

In a fun twist, six teams of delegates competed in a scavenger hunt through Warsaw's charming old town, culminating in a delightful evening of Chopin's piano music and a tasting of Polish cuisine and vodka.

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