28 Apr 2021

MGI Fisogest, based in Luxembourg, adapts and grows as it inspires others to do the same

MGI Worldwide CPAAI network member MGI Fisogest share their story of growth and adaptation post-pandemic

Celebrating 20 years of membership this year, longstanding member firm MGI Fisogest, based in Luxembourg, recently shared its plans for strategically moving forward post-pandemic. Adopting the MGI prefix and global branding, launching a brand-new website, and adapting their working practices, have all helped to grow and enhance the firm.

Adopting a strong global brand, leveraged through the use of the MGI prefix

The reputational benefits from being aligned with a strong global brand cannot be overemphasised. Last year, MGI Fisogest made the choice to adopt the MGI Worldwide global branding – a decision that around half of our accountancy network members have also chosen to make. As one of our most recent European firms to adopt the MGI-prefix as part of their firm name, Nico Hansen, Managing Partner at the firm and member of the European Coordinating Committee, explained the thinking behind their decision:

“Our local brand was very strong, but we have been MGI Worldwide members for 20 years. For new clients, the MGI Worldwide brand is a lot more interesting because business is becoming more international, even in smaller regions, and therefore the international brand is a lot more important than the local brand.”

View the full video here:

New name, new website

To accompany the adoption if the MGI prefix, the firm developed a new website with a strong focus on targeted and considered messaging. From the moment a visitor arrives on the homepage, it communicates the key message that MGI Fisogest is a forward-looking, innovative, growing firm that can help your business to grow and progress as they have done themselves.





Pride in MGI Worldwide membership

The firm is keen to actively promote the value and benefits of MGI Worldwide membership on its website.

“Luxembourg is a small but very internationally connected country. Many of our clients operate also beyond the borders and benefit from our network and relations in almost 100 countries. Through our membership with MGI Worldwide, we can offer the ideal support for international activities.”

Read more about these benefits HERE and on MGI Worldwide’s own dedicated website HERE.

Maximising the MGI Worldwide Quality Assurance system

The MGI Worldwide Quality Assurance (QA) system is validated by the prestigious Forum of Firms. MGI Fisogest makes use of the Forum of Firms brand on their website, adding to their reputation and strengthening their ability to attract better clients, particularly clients looking for reliable alternatives outside of the large accounting firms.


screenshot-2021-03-31-at-092739.png Enhancing recruitment prospects

Firms worldwide are struggling to recruit talent, but MGI Fisogest has tapped into the power of their new website as an effective recruitment tool, with young recruits recognising it as an attractive proposition as a modern, forward looking firm. MGI Fisogest’s recruitment page offers easy uploading of CVs, highlights the various departments within the firm and showcases a gallery of images representing their modern offices.

Adapting to new realities

Engaging with the network virtually
This year, the firm’s young talent attended the 2021 Talent Meeting virtually, from their office in Luxembourg. Held on 23 February, over 160 delegates registered for the event and, for almost 70% of them, it was their first MGI Worldwide meeting. The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to keep young talent across the network connected, with the ease of ‘traveling’ across geographic barriers meaning that member firms from almost 40 countries were able to attend.

Engaging with clients virtually
Although the firm has had to reduce the number of in-person meetings with clients, their website still gives visitors a virtual welcome to their offices, with 360-degree images offering clients the chance to look around and experience a virtual tour at the click of a button.

Membership of MGI Worldwide integrates you into a network of like-minded firms who are all passionate about maximising the opportunities to compete, grow and succeed together.

For more information about MGI Fisogest visit their profile here or their website.

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