19 Oct 2020

MGI Sofakis Partners and atc Certified Public Accountants, in Greece, flag the positive opportunities created by the merger between MGI Worldwide and CPAAI. Read their Success Story!

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI merger increases business opportunities for global network and association members

The merger between MGI Worldwide with CPAAI has increased opportunities for network and association members enabling them to reach out to partner firms in more geographic locations than ever before, enhancing their service offering and increasing value for their clients.

In this Success Story, Alexandros Sofakis, partner at MGI Worldwide member firm MGI Sofakis Partners based in Athens, Greece, shares how having another member firm in Athens - CPAAI’s atc Certified Public Accountants - has provided an excellent opportunity to create new business and collaboration opportunities between the two firms.

A chance to meet - MGI with CPAAI Talent meeting

Held in Paris, in January, the MGI with CPAAI Talent meeting gave Alexandros the opportunity to meet his new Greek colleagues for the first time. Dimitris Manos, Partner at atc Certified Public Accountants, attended the meeting with two other members of the firm, and since their first conversations, they have kept in frequent contact by phone and by mail.


Working together to create new opportunities

The two firms are situated close to each other in Athens and are both successful and of a similar size. However, neither firm has seen this as a threat and has instead been focusing on getting to know their new colleagues and discovering mutually beneficial ways that they can work together.

Joining forces

Keen to maximise opportunities for both their firms, Alexandros and Dimitris have since met and exchanged ideas on ways to leverage their new relationship into a successful collaboration.

Alexandros recognised how the valuable contacts and connections of both firms, could open up the potential for them to exchange business, explaining that “We are similar sized firms and I am very happy as I don’t see this as a threat but as an opportunity for creating future gains for both our businesses.”

Discussing and exchanging ideas

Dimitris shares the same outlook saying, “I had a meeting with Alexandros after we were informed about the merger. He was extremely professional. We had a very productive discussion and saw the opportunity for growth while others saw difficulties and controversy. We are immensely excited about the coming together of these two great organisations and consider ourselves to be in a privileged position, globally, thanks to this merger. Going forward we will grow and expand within the market and continue to offer businesses, especially mid-sized, start-up, fast growth, and family enterprises, the highest level of service both locally and across borders.”

From sharing ideas, to the possibility of collaborating on specific work, the two firms are now able to formulate discussions as colleagues rather than competitors. Both Alexandros and Dimitris agreed that there are only positives to be had from the merger.

Read the full Success Story HERE

About the firms

Both MGI Sofakis Partners and atc Certified Public Accountants aim to provide the very best support to their clients in order to help them achieve their targets. Whilst they place great importance on their specialised services and highly trained staff, both member firms agree that it is their culture of personal contact and customer care that sets them apart from many of their competitors.

For further information please contact Alexandros Sofakis ([email protected]) or
Dimitris Manos ([email protected]) or visit the firms’ websites at www.sofakispartners.gr and www.atcaudit.gr.

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