19 Apr 2022

MGI South Queensland celebrates its 100-year anniversary in Brisbane, Australia

MGI South Queensland marks 100th anniversary

MGI Worldwide joins MGI Australasia in congratulating member firm MGI South Queensland as they celebrate their milestone 100-year anniversary at the picturesque Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane.

The event was an elegant affair for the MGI South Queensland team and their clients as they acknowledged Australia's traditional custodians, the First Nations peoples, and the incredible people who have developed the MGI South Queensland firm into what it is today.
In 1922, Robert Charles Hancock, former Chief Clerk in the Taxation Office in Brisbane and later Deputy Commissioner in Central Office, resigned and joined McKellar White, former Deputy Commissioner of Taxation in Brisbane, in his practice as a partner. This led to the firm of White-Hancock being born on 27 March 1922.
In July 1992, White-Hancock joined the MGI network and became MGI White-Hancock. Since then, MGI White-Hancock has rebranded to MGI Brisbane and, since its expansion into other surrounding areas, has taken on the name MGI South Queensland with locations in Brisbane, Banyo and the Gold Coast.

MGI South Queensland would like to extend their gratitude to everyone who has played a role in their development as a firm over the past 100 years and looks forward to the next 100 ahead!


For more information please contact MGI Australasia Regional Coordinator Caterina Sullivan at [email protected] 

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