11 Nov 2019

MGI Worldwide member, C.R. Sharedalal & Co., publicly announce global accounting network membership at the firm’s annual seminar

C.R. Sharedalal & Co. publicly announces MGI Worldwide accountancy network membership

October 17th saw one of our newest member firms, C.R. Sharedalal & Co. announcing their recent joining of the MGI Worldwide accountancy network to their clients during their annual seminar.

Anuj Sharedalal, Partner at C.R. Sharedalal & Co., took the opportunity to speak about what it meant for them to be a member of MGI Worldwide and the benefits of membership that would be passed on to their clients.  

Clive Bennett, MGI Worldwide CEO, joined the event via videoconference from Lisbon and also spoke on what it meant for C.R. Sharedalal & Co. to be a member of MGI Worldwide. In addition to this, Clive discussed the present global regulatory environment.

mgi-membership-cr-sharedalal-co.jpg Insights into the Indian economy

This year’s seminar focused heavily on ‘Five-in-Five’ – the Indian government’s resolve to double India’s GDP, from US $2.5 Trillion to US $5 Trillion over the next 5 years.

In keeping with their previous seminars, C.R. Sharedalal & Co. invited a high-profile guest to speak about the future of business in India. Dr. Amir Ullah Khan, trade and development economist, presented his views on the Indian Economy as it stands now and his predictions for the next five years.

Key topics raised at the seminar

C.R. Sharedalal & Co. and Dr. Amir Ullah Khan chaired discussions around some of the fundamental questions being raised regarding the Five-In-Five plan, including:

  • Is there a plan to reach these objectives?
  • What are the critical sectors and segments that need to grow?
  • Is the target of US $5 Trillion naturally going to happen, regardless of nominal growth of 12% p.a. (7% at constant prices + 5% inflation)?

Fundamental points were raised as to whether the plan was just a political gimmick or whether there were tough challenges ahead if it were to be reached. The seminar discussed plausibility tests to validate the targets and Dr. Khan addressed them comprehensively, through an impact assessment in his presentation.

Final thoughts on the seminar

Anuj Sharedalal concluded his thoughts on the seminar, “We were satisfied that this seminar was hugely successful and could add a lot of value for our clients. I would like to place on record special appreciation for Clive for addressing our clients via VC. It was a great moment for us and the best way to announce our joining MGI Worldwide in the presence of our CEO.”

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