21 Dec 2022

MGI Worldwide's CEO talks to the International Accounting Bulletin about his new role

In his new role as MGI Worldwide CEO, Chris Borneman, recently took time out to talk to the IAB about his vision and strategic plans for MGI Worldwide’s growth. 

Coming from a military and diplomatic background, Chris explains how his former experience has set him in good stead for his new role as CEO to a diverse global network. Serving others, taking ownership of problems and their solutions, subtle negotiating, influencing and leveraging to achieve long and short-term goals - to name but a few.

Why MGI Worldwide?

Chris highlights that it was ultimately the people which attracted him to MGI Worldwide, with particular reference to our dedicated International and Executive Committee members.

"I think it is also appropriate to mention my Board here – all volunteers, all dedicated, all committed to doing the best for MGI Worldwide, encouraging a great culture and staying true to our values. I wanted to be part of that team."

Vision and priorities

Chris goes on to talk about his vision for the network over the next three years and his priorities with the Board and Management. One of his top areas of focus will include ESG.

"I want to increase diversity, including cognitive diversity, on the Board. The outstanding central management team is fairly diverse, the Board requires more work in this area and our target for improving this is October 2023, when a new Board will be voted in."

Meeting you

As Chris rightly states, "this is first and foremost a people business", so he will also be very much focussed on getting to know you, our members.

"I am planning to visit individual firms – using the Regional Directors to help me understand who I should visit.  This will help shape my understanding of how to develop the value proposition for the next steps in MGI Worldwide’s exciting journey."

To read the full IAB interview, click HERE


If you have any specific questions for Chris, please contact him at [email protected]. He is always happy to hear from members. 

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