Must-watch webinar available to watch now: Everything you and your Clients need to know about Doing Business in the U.S. from an Accounting and Legal perspective

MGI Worldwide CPAAI accounting network member firm Hoberman & Lesser presents Doing Business in the US webinar

Presented by Robert Hoberman, Managing Partner of Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP, MGI Worldwide’s New York Member Firm, this month’s must-watch webinar on Everything you and your Clients need to know about Doing Business in the U.S. is now available to watch on demand.

This webinar is a valuable resource for anyone considering Doing Business in the U.S. and will provide you with all the Accounting, Tax, and Legal guidance you need to help you navigate the challenges and avoid the risks.

Thank you to everyone for attending the live event!

Held on the 10 March, we were delighted to welcome more than 100 Members and Clients from across the MGI Worldwide CPAAI global community.

We saw representation from more than 30 countries with plenty of questions and positive commentary from those that attended across our Latin America region in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile; across Asia, in India, China and Japan; and across Europe in Russia, Bulgaria, Malta, Sweden, and the UK and Ireland.

Must-watch webinar recording available to watch now:

Please note that this webinar includes a live transcript in Spanish.


Interested in Doing Business in the U.S.?

For further information you can download this PDF Guide for Foreign Companies Doing Business in the United States.


hl-2021-dbg-montage.png Robert Hoberman is especially keen to connect with Members and Clients from across our Latin America and European regions. If you are considering doing business in the U.S., please contact Robert Hoberman directly on [email protected].


About Hoberman & Lesser

MGI Worldwide’s New York Member Firm, Hoberman & Lesser, serve a broad cross section of businesses, ranging from publicly held companies, to private sector businesses, to individual entrepreneurs throughout the tri-state region and across the United States. Besides understanding the challenges Members and their Clients encounter, Hoberman & Lesser provide sound, creative thinking to help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

For more information about Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP, visit their member profile or their website.

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