05 Apr 2022

New member firm for Malaysia as MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants joins the MGI Worldwide global accountancy network

Determined to maximise the firm’s goal of providing its clients with the best international service, Malaysia-based MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants of Petaling Jaya, has joined the MGI Worldwide network. We’re thrilled to have them on board!

MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants is a full-service firm, keen to grow both internationally and locally by providing a holistic range of services and be a one stop centre for all client service needs. The firm was founded some 30 years ago and, in addition to its business unit directors, it now boasts a staff force of 65-70 personnel.

Key contacts at the firm are Partner Ralph Ratnaswamy, who is also a member of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), and Shaayla Jayabhalan, Commercial Operations Manager. The other integral member of the firm is Dato’ Jeyaraj V Ratnaswamy, the Principal Founding Partner of the firm.



Benefitting from a prime location

MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants is an ideal partner for members who have clients looking to expand to Southeast Asia and considering Malaysia as a hub. Malaysia is very industry-focused and striving to become a tech hub in Southeast Asia. Various incentives, such as investment allowances, are on offer to businesses looking to expand their growth there and setting up business in Malaysia is simple, typically taking only around two weeks.

The firm is located in Petaling Jaya in Selangor, a state on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and acts as a satellite city to the capital Kuala Lumpur. Petaling Jaya is among the most industrialised and prosperous cities in Malaysia with local industries including the processing of food, rubber, wood and the manufacture of paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and beverages.



What makes MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants different?

MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants can assist with all aspects of setting up business in Malaysia. Their wide range of client services cover the length and breadth of general practice, including:

• Tax compliance and advisory
• External and Internal Audit
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Insolvency and Corporate Recovery
• Other Specialist Requirements

What motivated MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants to join MGI Worldwide?

MGI Worldwide spoke to Ralph about why the firm decided to join the network. He explained that the firm’s main goal has always been to provide clients, who require services internationally, with the right service providers and partners - which membership to the network addresses.


“By joining an international network, we seek to provide our clients with a more holistic service - to leverage from the expertise and knowledge of the members worldwide.

Furthermore, being part of an international network elevates our presence in the country, especially for clients looking to manage their businesses in different parts of the world. It ables us to align ourselves with partners around the world in a community of sharing, as we seek to engage the profession as it develops into the future.”

Ralph Ratnaswamy
MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants



Building a network

Ralph has already begun building his MGI Worldwide network! On a recent trip to London, he took time out to be introduced to some of the UK & Ireland member firms by Maxine Brock, our International Marketing Director. Meeting at member firm F.W. Smith, Riches & Co. in central London, Ralph caught up with Partner, Jane Lowden, (who serves on MGI Worldwide's Technical Committee). They were joined by Kevin Thomas from Rickard Luckin, and Nigel Rowley from Mackrell Solicitors, the UK firm of our sister law network, Mackrell International.



Are you considering joining the MGI Worldwide network?

Enhanced brand value and reputation, extensive marketing and communications support, valuable connections and excellent networking opportunities – these are just a few of the benefits that membership to our global accounting network brings to our many existing firms. If you are interested in benefitting too, click here to read more about how you can join and start benefitting instantly.

You can find out more about MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants on the firm website or member profile page.

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