07 Mar 2024

New financial reporting service from MGI Dva Dukata offers more collaboration opportunity

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During the 2023 European Circle meeting in Prague, MGI Dva Dukata introduced DD Analytics, a novel digital financial reporting service designed to provide clients with interactive dashboards. This innovative platform aims to assist clients in making data-driven decisions efficiently while saving valuable time.

How does it work?

DD Analytics functions by connecting directly to clients' databases to compile financial data, subsequently generating interactive dashboards and metrics for reporting and insights. By breaking down goals into manageable monthly targets, the platform facilitates progress monitoring and goal attainment.

Its dynamic Power BI dashboards make financial data much more accessible and easier to understand.

How does the service benefit clients?

The benefits of DD Analytics are manifold. Notably, it has been shown to significantly save clients' time, with one client reporting that their "DDAnalytics report frees up at least two working days". Additionally, the service empowers clients to make data-driven decisions promptly by providing insights monthly, thus surpassing the limitations of conventional annual or quarterly reporting methods. This combination of efficiency and accuracy underscores the transformative potential of DD Analytics in modern financial management.

Jovana Tuvic, from MGI Dva Dukata adds:

“By monitoring their businesses in the form that is the most suitable for their needs and making decisions based on the reports, businesses progress and our clients reach higher goals. All of this helps to strengthen our bond with existing clients and the facilitates the building of trusting relationships with the new ones.”

MGI Dva Dukata can help you

Having implemented this service so successfully within their own firm, MGI Dva Dukata is now looking to expand the service beyond its own client base. If any MGI members would be interested in DDAnalytics as an outsource sevice, please get in touch with Jovana at [email protected]


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