02 May 2018

New Saudi Arabia-based member joins MGI Worldwide global accounting network

Al-Hamli & Partners based in Saudi Arabia join the MGI Worldwide global accountancy network

Global accountancy network MGI Worldwide is pleased to welcome new firm Al-Hamli & Partners to the accounting association in the MGI Middle East & North Africa region. 

Al-Hamli & Partners offers audit and accounting services with office locations in the four largest cities in Saudi Arabia; in the capital Riyadh, Dammam - which is the capital of the country's eastern province - Al Ahsa, the urban centre of the oasis region in the east of the nation, and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second-largest city and commercial capital, as well as being the principal gateway to Mecca and Medina.

The firm comprises 52 professionals in total, including senior partner Mr. Abdullah Al-Hamli, managing partner Mr. Khaled Al Bassam, and their certified administrative partners Mr. Osama Al Zuhairi and Mr. Ghasan Al Majed. They are looking forward to being part of the MGI Worldwide network, joining hundreds of other accounting firms.

Why Al-Hamli & Partners chose MGI Worldwide

Mr. Abdullah Al Hamli (chairman and senior partner) expressed; “We are very keen to add value to our clients through rendering high quality professional services globally and being a member of an organized professional network MGI Worldwide, will be significantly integrated with this objective.”

Mr. Khaled Al Bassam (Partner) added; "During the last three years, Al-Hamli & Partners has expanded to include service areas that require collaborating or outsourcing. If we are to meet the needs of multinational companies or the coordination for VAT engagements worldwide, we need an active professional network collaboration.”

Mr. Shady Mehelba, Audit Director and Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy CEO at Al Hamli & Partners, will be acting as a focal point for MGI Worldwide for the accounting firm. They both explained why Al Hamli & Partners decided to join the MGI Worldwide international accounting network.

"We seek to promote our quality control procedures by establishing quality peer review procedures through an accredited network," said Mr. Shady Mehelba.

Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy continued; “We are looking forward to more advanced market opportunities in competition, and we (MGI Worldwide and Al-Hamli), merit endless success and achievements with integrity and ethics.”

With over 5,000 members in more than 260 different locations worldwide, Al-Hamli & Partners will certainly be able to access this support and expertise through its membership of the MGI Worldwide global accounting network.

Al-Hamli group photo About Al-Hamli & Partners

Al-Hamli & Partners was founded and licensed in 1979 to practice audit and accounting services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with branches in four of its major cities 

By 1985, Al-Hamli & Partners had established the Arabian Centre for Consultants to integrate with various services of consulting.

In 2016, Abdullah Al-Hamli's firm was transformed into a professional company known as Abdullah Al-Hamli & Partners. (CPAs & Consultants), with the participation of Mr. Khaled Al-Bassam (partner).

Al-Hamli & Partners continue to expand in 2018, with two new partners at its Dammam and Jeddah branches, who are both members of the Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA).

The firm offers specialised economic, financial, administrative and strategic consultations, as well as a range of tax, audit and accountancy services across the assurance services, consulting services, and  tax and VAT services sectors, including assisting clients with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Al-Hamli & Partners’ clients have included multinational corporations, state-run entities and government ministries.

View Al-Hamli & Partners MGI Worldwide member profile page here.

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