19 Jun 2020

New to CaseWare? Don’t miss our #tech-on-tuesdays webinar on 23 and 24 June ‘Optimise Your Workflow With CaseWare’ for all MGI Worldwide and CPAAI Auditors – Register Now!

Learn how to Optimise Your Workflow With CaseWare in next Thursday's #tech-on-tuesday's webinar

This is an invitation to all MGI Worldwide and CPAAI Auditors to join us on 23 and 24 June when Caseware's Head of Business Development, Jaap de Waard at CaseWare will be explaining how best to Optimise Your Workflow With CaseWare; focusing on the three main products, how they work and what the benefits of each are.

Join us for this webinar next week and find out more about:

  • Working Papers - the core application/platform. Import your client’s trial balance, create Leadsheets, include all the client’s documentation and supporting evidence in the engagement file, raise review notes, follow up on these findings, and much more

  • Audit International – this audit template provides all the required forms to perform a risk-based audit, from checklists and worksheets for the planning and completion phase to work programs for the execution phase and sophisticated components for risk assessment, risk tracking, controls documentation and testing, and worksheets for materiality calculation and misstatements

  • CaseWare Cloud - the Cloud collaboration platform that runs CaseWare’s real-time file synchronization solution, SmartSync, to meet all your collaboration needs: 

    • stay connected with your team and manage all your engagements in real-time; 
    • share changes automatically, with all team members
    • work offline - you can continue working on an engagement even without internet access, all the changes made to the engagement are tracked and shared with the team when you reconnect
    • only the changes you make to the file are synchronized to other team members - resulting in less bandwidth usage

There will be two showings of the webinar so that those in different time zones don’t miss out! Please use the links below to register for the time most convenient for you:

Optimise Your Workflow With CaseWare Webinar
Join us on 

Tuesday 23 June at 
15:00 PM London Time (BST)


Wednesday 24 June at
08:00 AM London Time (BST) / 17:00 PM Sydney Time (AEST)

CaseWare - our new Global Technology Partner

We are very pleased to announce that MGI Worldwide with CPAAI has entered into an agreement for CaseWare to become a Global Technology Partner. CaseWare are offering both existing and new users access to their products under their “Networks Pricing Agreement”. This will apply from day one for new users and on renewal for existing users.

For more information please contact Paul Winder [email protected].

Your webinar host:


Jaap de Waard 
Head of Business Development Europe & Middle East 

Jaap de Waard is Head of Business Development for Europe and the Middle East and located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Jaap started his career at KPMG Netherlands performing a broad spectrum of accounting and audit work ranging from the preparation of financial statements for family owned businesses to the audit of listed companies. He founded CaseWare International's European office and works closely with the CaseWare distributors and the software development teams in Toronto and is a member of the CaseWare International Executive Team. He is the main contact for international mid-tier accounting networks and is responsible for product localization in new markets.

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