30 Jun 2021

Oman member “request for help” triggers multiple responses worldwide

MGI CPAAI’s Central Mailshot Facility offers all accounting network members quick and effective solutions

The Central Mailshot Facility is a quick and effective tool that is available to all member firms. This is how Oman-based MGI Vision Chartered Accountants used it for a “request for help” and potential collaboration opportunity among members.

A quick and effective tool to help you when you need it most

The Central Mailshot Facility on the MGI Worldwide and CPAAI websites is probably one of the most useful and effective tools if you are looking to reach out to members around the world and obtain a potentially immediate response. 

Partner Piyush Thakkar from our member firm MGI Vision Chartered Accountants, based in Oman, recently put to use this facility. He explains:

"The Central Mailshot Facility is an easy way to reach out to other member firms in the network to ask questions or promote opportunities. If you are looking for support and assistance from a fellow member and you are unsure of who to contact, I recommend using it!"

Support with a feasibility study

In this instance, Piyush used the system for support with a feasibility study for a third-party card payment processing platform. With little experience or background in handling such projects, and no knowledge of which member firm within the MGI Worldwide with CPAAI family would have the necessary technical expertise, credentials and experience to help, MGI Vision Chartered Accountants turned to the mailshot facility and posted a request to all members, triggering many responses from members from around the world who offered to help. While not all who responded were able to, Piyush was delighted that so many had offered, and was grateful for the opportunity to get to know more about his fellow members.  

Piyush comments:

“Within no time, my mailbox was full of replies from members around the world and even those who were unable to help are acknowledged for their willingness to respond.”

Support that went above and beyond

One of the best parts of the experience, according to Piyush, was that even those firms without the relevant experience to offer support themselves, went out of their way to put them in touch with their clients or associates who did have such experience. This led to a connection with Omar Perez from Pérez Olvera Enríquez Asociados S.C. Mexico, who referred MGI Vision Chartered Accountants to a very able and experienced client who provided them with the information and support they needed for the project.

Are you using the central email system?


If you are faced with a complex and urgent requirement where you do not know who the best person to help might be, the MGI Worldwide CPAAI Mailshot system comes in very handy. As MGI Vision Chartered Accountants demonstrated, the system is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a response for a message put out across the network. If you too are keen to connect with other members quickly and easily when the need arises, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this!

How it works

MGI Worldwide and CPAAI members can access the Central Mailshot Facility in the Member Area online under “send a mailshot circular”. Members select their audience by Worldwide or Region, add a subject line and type as you would normal email and press “Send” – that’s it!  All emails are checked and verified before sending.

We’re always delighted to see such successful collaborations between our members and we are looking forward to hearing more success stories in the future!

Read the full Success Story HERE

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