29 Oct 2021

Online training platform developed between members


In a slightly unusual collaboration, our member firm in Guatemala, MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados, adapts its online training software in order for it to be used in the training and professional development programme of our firms in Mexico.

Latin American firms continue to work as a group and help each other to improve as individual firms and as a region. This is clearly seen in a recent collaboration between our firm in Guatemala, MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados, who adapted its online training platform for use by our firms in Mexico, who in turn will make it available to all Latin American firms.

Local leaders of tax-related courses and seminars

As a firm, MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados is locally recognised across Guatemala for its continuous teaching courses and seminars. With the arrival of the pandemic, and the suspension of face-to-face events, the firm had to look for new strategies within the virtual world. Therefore, internally and with the help of Oscar Antonio Chile, in charge of the legal division at the firm, they developed a practical and efficient online training platform, providing great added value for both speakers and attendees.

Oscar Antonio tells us:


“Due to the pandemic and the restrictions related to social distancing, it was impossible for us to continue developing face-to-face training. We quickly found ourselves having to set up our own platform that would allow us to continue providing training via the internet. This allowed us to reach a larger population sector, and now we can count on participants from the interior of the country.

Far from being a problem, the pandemic became a window of opportunity to innovate within the sector."

The reach of MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados’ new online training programme was such that, after participating in one of the firm’s webinars, and witnessing the way the programme worked, Omar Perez, Managing Partner at Perez Olvera Enriquez Asociados and president of MGI Mexico, took the initiative to adapt and customise the platform for firms in his country.

Mexico and its professional training programme

MGI Mexico has a comprehensive training and professional development programme for its members, with topics ranging from the use of Excel to tax news. It is highly valued by the partners, as seen by the excellent attendance rate of  50 to 100 participants per session.

The training platform for MGI Mexico has now been finalised and was put into use in October. Expectations are high as Omar explains:


“We are going to have a tight control over the training we provide, thereby ensuring the quality of instruction, as well as the legality of the points awarded for the Continuous Professional Development Program of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants.

It's a vision aimed at adopting best practices, of absorbing the best from each firm and letting this permeate to all partners."

In addition, Omar has commented that this new platform, which was developed by MGI Mexico, will be made available to all Latin American firms that are interested or need to offer an online seminar:

“Once perfected, it will be available to all of Latin America, with the expectation that everyone will achieve the same objectives.”

Fernanda López, Mexico Manager, has followed the entire process and will be in charge of managing the platform on a day-to-day basis:


“We have been working remotely and are very grateful for the service and training we have received.

The time invested in developing the project will significantly optimise our training programme."

With the new online training platform being pushed out in October and a training schedule being prepared for the coming months, MGI Mexico is more than ready to continue serving the needs of its members in an increasingly efficient and collaborative way.

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