02 Jan 2024

Keen to strengthen their network in Brazil, Orplan Auditores Independentes moves to the MGI Worldwide network

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MGI Worldwide extends a warm network welcome to Orplan Auditores Independentes, based in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

About Orplan

In business now for 60 years, Orplan is a well-established family firm comprising four partners and 40 professionals. The firm’s partners are two father-son/daughter duos: Pedro Alberto de Souza and his daughter Fabiana Souza, and Marco Almeida and his son Erick Almeida.

Between them they have extensive industry experience: Marco is President of Ibracom, (a private organization established in 1971 to promote the advancement of the audit profession), as well as serving with several other industry bodies. Erick is part of the regional accounting council, the ‘Conselho regional de Contabilidade.’ As the two younger generational partners, Erick and Fabiana have contributed greatly to much of the transformation within the firm, in terms of audit processes, renewals and technology.

Focus areas

The firm offers services in the areas of auditing, consulting and accounting and has a very diverse portfolio including non-profits, civil construction, football, steel, construction and NGOs. Orplan Auditores Independentes aims to provide the best accounting, auditing and consultancy services, always working to meet the needs of each client with agility, safety and trust.

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Why join the network?

Orplan Auditores Independentes has valuable relationships and links with other MGI members in Brazil. Partner at the firm Marco Almeida, explains:

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“The company expects our move from the MGI Association to the MGI Worldwide network to further strengthen our brand in Brazil as we work together to gain market visibility, attract new customers, achieve greater synergy and exchange innovation, marketing and HR knowledge with other members.”

Well located in Minas Gerais

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Orplan Auditores Independentes is located in the bustling city of Belo Horizonte, in Brazil’s second most populated state of Minas Gerais. Economic growth is strong here thanks to a diverse blend of industries spanning services, technology, manufacturing, and mining.

There are plentiful opportunities for business in the production and service sectors in particular, with plenty of scope for investment and growth. The city places a strong emphasis on supporting start-ups and innovation, making it the perfect location for new businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in Brazil.

You can find out more about Orplan Auditores Independentes on its firm profile page or website.

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