01 Jul 2021

O&S CPAs & Business Advisors become FIRST in North America to transfer from CPAAI to MGI Worldwide Network membership!

O&S is the first North American firm to transition from CPAAI to MGI Worldwide global accounting network

Located in Long Beach, California, the ‘Aquatic Capital of America’, O&S CPAs & Business Advisors are just south of Los Angeles and north of Orange County, perfectly located to service clients across four large southern California counties – Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino. 

With a staff of approximately 30 people, including 5 partners, O&S CPAs & Business Advisors are keen to connect with, and meet, their fellow member firms across the MGI Worldwide accounting network

As Managing Partner Paul Scholz says,


“We are very pleased and excited to be the first member in North America joining MGI Worldwide from CPAAI and we are enthusiastic about the prospect of working together with all of the member firms across the network.”

Hello! from Long Beach, California, USA

Please take a moment to listen to this brief video message from Partners Paul Scholz, Kim Onisko and Cynthia Schoelen: 

O&S CPAs & Business Advisors is a full service Certified Public Accounting firm focused on enhancing the wealth of the owners of business and individuals via proactive tax planning and management consulting services.  

Key specialty service areas include:

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO) – Audits, back-office accounting and taxes 
  • Customized full-service accounting solutions (CAS) – Billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll 
  • Forensic Accounting – Fraud, due diligence, economic damages, business valuation, family law 
  • Fiduciary Accounting – California probate accounting specialists 
  • International Tax – Foreign nationals in the US, Foreign investors, U.S residents living abroad, with a foreign business or starting a business overseas 

California probate accounting specialists 

Experienced in a unique area of practice that most firms don’t cover, O&S CPAs & Business Advisors can support clients involved in the probate or legal system who have to do fiduciary accounting. Their fiduciary accounting services are backed up with the standard CPA’s “Double Entry Accounting” so they can communicate with attorneys, trustees, beneficiaries and offer them solid backup to evaluate their work. This transparency reduces the potential for controversy and allows each stakeholder an understanding of the financial issues. 

Customised full-service accounting solutions 

Partner, Cynthia Schoelen says,


“We offer client accounting services where we take over the entire back office of a nonprofit or for-profit business through cloud-based accounting software to give clients real-time numbers to help them make the decisions that are best for their business.”

Lead Forensic Expert in the United States 

Partner, Kim Onisko is MGI Worldwide’s lead Forensic Expert in the United States and part of the MGI Worldwide Global Forensic Accounting Group. As Kim explains, 


“The forensic accounting services that we provide include fraud, economic damages, business valuation and family law. We are also involved with merger and acquisitions.” 

Please join us in welcoming Paul Scholz, Kim Onisko and Cynthia Schoelen and team to the MGI Worldwide Network! 


You can find out more about our new member at their website or on their firm profile page.  

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI, is a top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with almost 10,000 professionals, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in over 100 countries around the world.