28 Apr 2022

Connect, Share, Collaborate – member firms in Panama and Colombia work together to help client comply with corporate obligations

Collaboration between MGI Worldwide global accountancy network member firms means they can quickly and confidently refer clients when needs arise.

When a client of Panama-based member firm CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados, established a firm in Colombia, they needed assistance to comply with their corporate obligations.

The client turned to their accountant, Milton Chambonett at the firm, who was able to introduce them directly to Héctor Fabio Mejia at MGI Via Consultoria, in Colombia.

See what Milton and Héctor say:



"As MGI Worldwide members we look for ways to add value and help each other do better business."

Milton Chambonett
CPA / Tax Chambonett y Asociados

Profile picture Hector Fabio Mejia


"Through MGI Worldwide we meet new clients, share our services around the world, and build relationships of trust with other member firms."

Héctor Fabio Mejia
MGI VIA Consultoría

Watch the video in English below:

To watch the Spanish version of this video click HERE.

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