15 May 2024

Promoting the 'Golden Visa' with Mackrell International

Golden visas webinar lead.jpg

Members from MGI Worldwide and Mackrell International recently came together to share information about their respective country's Visa programmes and to connect with others operating in the fields of global mobility, family offices, immigration and real estate.

Many countries across the world run ‘Golden Visa’ schemes aimed at attracting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to invest significant sums and buy real estate in their country, in return for a residency visa. This open call, which was held in conjunction with Mackrell International (our ‘sister’ legal network), provided an opportunity for firms to promote their respective Visa programmes and explore opportunities for business. The discussion was enlightening for many on the call, sparking ideas for future collaborations which could support their clients. 

Positive feedback

Jesmond Pace from member firm FACT in Malta comments:

"The ‘Golden VISA’ webinar with Mackrell International was hugely important for members who are active in service areas which are non-traditional to Accounting & Auditing - it was particularly valuable for us, as a firm, to learn which other member firms provide services related to VISA programmes. From the 1-hour webinar, it was clear that there are firms in a similar position to ours: on one hand, we are ready to provide VISA - or other services, such as Citizenship, Tax residency, etc. - while other hand, we are receiving enquiries from clients who need this kind of support in other countries. 

"Our office is keen and interested to take part in such service collaborations and I believe that if we organise ourselves, promote these services on our websites for both members and non-members, it will be beneficial for everyone.

"We therefore look forward to seeing how we as members together with MGI / Mackrell can keep up the momentum we reached during the webinar and take steps to ensure more opportunities are well communicated to better service our clients."

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