30 Mar 2020

Starting Today: Member Support Webinars dealing with the Coronavirus situation. Please join us!

Member support webinars for accounting network and association members dealing with the coronavirus situation

Come together and join fellow members, friends and colleagues this evening @ 22:00 BST (London Time) for the first in a series of Member Support Webinars aimed at providing immediate help and advice to members dealing with the coronavirus situation.

Today’s webinar topic

For each webinar we will go through a series of topics for discussion, we can, of course, add more as you wish or indeed skip topics.

Today’s topic is on Helping clients: how to help clients deal with cash flow, business maintenance, new approaches using technology and so on.

  • Cash is king; if income dries up cut outflows early and hard
  • Use whatever is on offer from your government
  • Work with your team on restructuring
  • Plan with the long term in mind as well as the short
  • Review supply chains, look for stock/product buying opportunities
  • Look for new ways to work, often using technology such as Zoom, Teams, Slack
  • Communicate with your team and your clients/customers more than ever

How to join us – Access the Zoom link

Refer to recent mailshots sent last week or visit the mgiworld.com and cpaai.mgiworld.com Member Area online by logging in HERE and going to the Coronavirus Hub Resources and Updates webpage to access the zoom links.

To use Zoom, just click on the Zoom link at the time of the meeting. You do not need to install the Zoom app and can run the call in your browser. Your computer needs a camera and sound (microphone and speaker or headset).  If you have problems with your system sound or cannot join with video, you can also dial in by telephone. You can find a list of local phone numbers HERE. In this case, you will need to insert the meeting ID number as shown below.

Local Times

We will be running subsequent webinars and topics on different days this week. See all topics, example locations and local times here to help you diarise:


Tuesday 31 March

Wednesday 1 April

Thursday 2 April


Helping clients

Managing your practice
and your staff

The effect on audit

Session 1

Example locations      
San Francisco 14:00 - 30 Mar 14:00 - 31 Mar 14:00 - 1 Apr
New York 17:00 - 30 Mar 17:00 - 31 Mar 17:00 - 1 Apr
Buenos Aires 18:00 - 30 Mar 18:00 - 31 Mar 18:00 - 1 Apr
London 22:00 - 30 Mar 22:00 - 31 Mar 22:00 - 1 Apr
Berlin 23:00 - 30 Mar 23:00 - 31 Mar 23:00 - 1 Apr
Dubai 01:00 01:00 01:00
New Delhi 02:30 02:30 02:30
Singapore 05:00 05:00 05:00
Sydney 08:00 08:00 08:00
Auckland 10:00 10:00 10:00

Session 2

Example locations      
San Francisco 01:00 01:00 01:00 
New York 04:00 04:00  04:00 
Buenos Aires 05:00 05:00  05:00 
London 09:00  09:00  09:00 
Berlin 10:00  10:00  10:00 
Dubai  12:00   12:00   12:00  
New Delhi  13:30   13:30   13:30  
Singapore  16:00   16:00   16:00  
Sydney 19:00 19:00  19:00 
Auckland  21:00   21:00    21:00 

These webinars are open to all MGI Worldwide and CPAAI members and we encourage as many members to join us.

Questions or Concerns

Please contact  [email protected] for any questions, concerns or feedback.

We look forward to seeing many of you later today.

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