28 Mar 2019

Strong relationships within the MGI Worldwide accountancy network helps another MGI Latin America member make a new start

Ricardo Ruiz, from MGI P&P Asociados highlights importance of building relationships within the network

In the second of his stories about cooperation and assistance between MGI Worldwide firms, Ricardo Ruiz, Managing Partner at Venezuela-based MGI P&P Asociados, highlights the importance of building relationships within the accountancy network and explains how MGI Latin America firms are using this empowering approach to maximise the value of MGI Worldwide membership.

Struggling with a disastrous economic crisis and facing an income decrease of 90% over the last five years, Ricardo explains that Venezuelan firms are having to rely on their partners’ determination and personal financial resources whilst counting on strong support from MGI Worldwide. In addition, these firms are losing their local talent as people leave in search of better opportunities. Several MGI Worldwide member firms have opened their doors to receive this talent.

UK member firm steps up

Luis, a chartered accountant and the son of Ricardo’s deceased partner Luis Pedraza, moved to London with his wife in 2017. After discussing this matter with Luis, Ricardo got in touch with colleagues at MGI UK & Ireland and reached out to other contacts, made through MGI Worldwide, in order to refer Luis. After standard recruiting procedures, Luis was hired by MGI Midgley Snelling. 

Tracey Wickens, Partner at MGI Midgley Snelling comments: "Luis has brought his experience and has started to serve clients. He is studying to obtain his UK certificate, as well as to gain experience in legal matters and local regulation. Luis is a diligent worker and a good example for his colleagues. His knowledge of Spanish has allowed us to assist clients with connections in Spain with some translation work."

Luis speaks of his experience

Jonathan Farrow, Partner at MGI Midgley Snelling spoke to Luis about his transition.

What are the main differences between England and Venezuela?

“The economy [in Venezuela] has been almost destroyed whilst in the UK they have a really strong economy - it is great to learn […] how a great economy works”.

How did your secondment to MGI Midgley Snelling come about?

"Because of the network that MGI has developed, it was possible to transfer from Venezuela to the UK, to MGI Midgley Snelling. It is important how the network allows members to share knowledge, accomplish position and how firms around the world help each other. This is one of the benefits of being part of MGI.”

What have you learnt from this experience?

"I have developed new skills by being part of a bigger company, with bigger transactions. From my colleagues […] every day I learn something new. We help each other – they help me with my English skills."

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