The advantage of going virtual: MGI Latin America's Region Meeting attracts record numbers of attendees who this year, joined at the click of a button

MGI Worldwide CPAAI member firms in the Latin America region gathered online for their 2021 Annual Conference

Whilst most would agree that online meetings are a poor substitute for gathering face-to-face, one positive outcome (at least), is that this year, many more people have been able to attend our events - engaging, sharing and strengthening the network.

Last week's MGI Latin America 2021 Virtual Region Meeting was no exception. Held over two days, on 20 and 21 May, the event attracted 87 attendees on the first day, and a record breaking 95 people on day two!

Partners, managers and other participants from Latin America member firms enjoyed a varied and fast-paced programme covering a range strategic and technical subjects and made the most of the opportunity to interact and engage with one another, catch up with friends and meet new faces.

Cuauhtémoc Contreras, from Despacho Zesati, in Mexico, and Juan Carlos Guerra, from MGI Guerra & Asociados, in Ecuador, the International Committee representatives for Latin America hosted the event.

Cuauhtémoc reflects:

“This was our first joint meeting after since the merger and we are very happy with what we achieved, exceeding all expectations. We are especially pleased with the participation of managers and collaborators, which allows MGI Worldwide to reach all levels of our respective firms."

Juan Carlos also comments:

“This was a very positive meeting. The participation we had, the scope and diversity of topics, and presenters from both the network and the association, the conversations between members, the contributions of the attendees, etc. I think it was yet another great demonstration of the steps that MGI Latin America has taken towards an integrated future."


Thank you

A BIG thank you everyone that joined the event and especially to Regional Director, Andrea Pallas, and the Region's leadership for making the event such a success. 

Presentations & recordings

To access the meeting presentation slides and recordings of the two day's sessions, please visit the highlights page in the member area

For more information please contact MGI Latin America Regional Director Andrea Pallas at [email protected].

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