The Great Reset: The New World of Work! Writer and researcher Christine Armstrong explores the global working environment. Recording now available!

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way in which people work across the globe. During our recent MGI Worldwide CPAAI 2021 Virtual Global Meeting, Christine Armstrong, writer and consultant specialising in the future of work and the workplace, spoke about The Great Reset: The New World of Work.

In her very practical and information-filled talk Christine Armstrong looks at how the workplace has been evolving. She looks at what employees demand from their companies, and how to respond in order to attract and retain the best talent. 

With the rise in demand for a balance between working from home and being in the office (especially in a post-Covid-19 world), Christine considers the complex factors employers now have to manage, from the cost of running an office to differing personal and professional priorities amongst different age groups and personality types.

Listen to Christine's recording for an insightful look into the market challenges and opportunities, as well as the practical do's and don’ts at this very unusual time in the working history.

A recording of this presentation is now available in the Webinars section of the member area.

Watch the recording of Christine Armstrong's presentation

This video is password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact [email protected].



About Christine Armstrong

Christine Armstrong is a writer and consultant specialising in the future of work, workplaces, leadership and company communication. She is the author of The Mother of All Jobs: How to Have Children and a Career and Stay Sane(ish). She also co-founded the communications consultancy Jericho Chambers and now leads her own consultancy helping businesses to operate in an uncertain, disrupted world.

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