29 Sep 2023

Top tips on business networking from Global AGM speaker Shil Shanghavi

With just over 2 weeks to go until the 2023 Global AGM in Bangkok, guest speaker and public speaking specialist, Shil Shanghavi shares his advice on how you can hone your pitching skills to make your first, short communication with a stranger a winner.

"The traditional approach to elevator pitches is all wrong,
because there’s no story,
no attention-grabbing personal narrative."

In a recent article published by Bentleys, Shil explains that the classic pitch structure offers little rapport or connection to the listener, often falling flat due to lack relevance, clarity, confidence or passion, but most often, he says, because they’re just plain dull.

AGM speaker Shil Shanghavi talks about successful networking

In his article, Shil suggests that we need to put storytelling back into networking. Stories are captivating and a powerful form of communication that has been with us since humans first learned to speak. 

"Don’t try to sell yourself, your product or your company. Instead, tell your personal story in a way that leaves your listener wanting to know more. Turn the traditional elevator pitch upside down, and watch your business networking efforts rocket through the roof."

To find out more about how to make an impactful first impression, click to read Shils article Business Networking: Why your elevator pitch is all wrong.

About Shil

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Shil is a public speaking specialist, storyteller and a globally renowned speaker coach. He is redefining the meaning of public speaking by demonstrating its value across all forms of communication, and has presented across most industries around the world, online and in person. Shil’s methods show you how to control your emotions and speak confidently so you can build relationships, advance your career, feel empowered, and ensure your audience remembers exactly who you are.

See you soon in Bangkok!

We look forward to seeing you soon at the 2023 Global AGM in Bangkok. In addition to the conference schedule we hope that you will take the opportunity to experience some of the city's highlights. To find out what to see and do in Bangkok and some suggestions for visits a little further afield see our Discover Bangkok article.

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